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Local Filmmakers Will Shoot in East Palestine This Weekend

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio – Shooting will take place in the village this weekend for “Ray,” a movie by Mahoning Valley filmmakers Jennifer Ruth and Adam Michael.

Michael said the goal is to create a “proof of concept” film that will be shown to potential financial backers so that a more polished version of the film can be made.

Ruth wrote the screenplay and is also co-directing with Michael. All shooting will be completed this weekend at undisclosed locations in the village.

“Ray” has a cast of four, including New York-based actor Tom Kapache (“No Country for Old Men,” “Leaving Las Vegas”); Ruth, who has the lead role; Anthony Dain and Izzie Burns.

The story revolves around four struggling people who are living in a desperate area. “They are trying to do their best but discover that their best isn’t good enough,” Michael said.

The film has nothing to do with the Feb. 3 train derailment in the village, which became a national news story, he said.

If Ruth and Michael, who are also the producers, are able to entice investors to the project from the proof-of-concept version, they will reshoot the film with more actors and better production values.

The filmmakers were able to obtain the services of Kapache through Ruth. She formerly worked as an actor in New York, where she met and befriended Kapache, said Michael.

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