Local Hospitals Report 26 ICU Beds Combined

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Local hospitals ended 2020 tight on intensive care beds, data from the Ohio Center for Journalism shows, with just 26 beds available at the area’s six hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.

St. Joseph Warren Hospital reported zero available ICU beds on Dec. 29. Since the beginning of that month, the hospital has not had more than four ICU beds available at once.

Among the remaining hospitals in the area, none have more than 10 ICU beds available; Trumbull Regional Medical Center in Warren has the most with eight available as of Dec. 29. 

Salem Regional Medical Center reported seven available ICU beds that day, while St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital reported five available and St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital had four. On Dec. 30, East Liverpool City Hospital had two open ICU beds. 

On Dec. 30, the most recent day with data available, there were just 345 ICU beds available across all of Ohio’s hospitals. That number, though is at the low end of a consistent swing in the numbers. The day before, on Dec. 29, there were 1,434 available beds reported. On Dec. 26, there were 1,796. But on Dec. 23, 451 were reported available. 

The data shows such weekly swings dating back to early December: 1,414 beds were available Dec. 17 and just 387 beds available Dec. 18. Other sharp changes can be seen Dec. 3 and 4, as well as Dec. 10 and 11.

The number of available medical and surgical beds is also low. St. Elizabeth Boardman has zero such beds available, while there were 20 at East Liverpool City Hospital and 23 at St. Elizabeth Youngstown. St. Joseph reports 34 open medical beds and Salem Regional 65. Trumbull Regional has 136 available medical and surgical beds.

The full dataset from the Ohio Center for Journalism, which also includes information on the availability of personal protective equipment, can be viewed HERE.

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