Look Who Reads The Business Journal in Korea!

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – John B. Slanina, a member of the Youngstown Rotary Club who is visiting Korea this as a representative of the organization, emailed The Business Journal this photo today!

Slanina, an executive with FactSet downtown, says he’s busy visiting Korean landmarks, such as the palace pictured above.

“Thanks for providing my reading material on the bullet train today,” he writes. “We hit 185 miles per hour on a train 25 years old. Thinking a lot about the government investment and infrastructure seen in other places.”

Slanina, a longtime subscriber to our print edition, previous visited Barcelona, Spain, as a representative of Rotary and sent us a similar photo.

And when he visited China, he sent us a picture of a subscriber reading our paper while touring the Great Wall.

Thanks, John!


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