Lordstown Motors

Video: Lordstown Motors Opens Its Doors for Tour

LORDSTOWN, Ohio — One finished vehicle every five minutes, or more than 475,000 vehicles per year. That’s how busy Lordstown Motors plans to keep the former GM Lordstown plant once the startup manufacturer hits full production.

“The Ohio state motto is, ‘With God all things are possible.’ We think we’re going to do the impossible here,” said Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Burns.

Burns made his comments this morning during a community open-house the company held to show the progress being made to get the once-shuttered plant up and running.

“There’s thousands of robots asleep back there,” said Burns.

Dan Tasiemski, director of general assembly for Lordstown Motors, says workers have begun starting up the equipment, and retooling of the plant should begin at the end of next month.

“It’s been off for a year. This equipment likes to run,” he said.

In this video, we hear more from Burns and join Tasiemski as he conducts a tour of the former General Motors plant, where this November, the company plans to begin production of the electric-powered pickup truck, the Endurance.

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