FirstEnergy Commits to 250 Trucks from Lordstown Motors

LORDSTOWN, Ohio – Lordstown Motors Corp. announced Tuesday that FirstEnergy signed a letter of intent to purchase 250 Endurance electric pickup trucks. 

FirstEnergy plans to deploy the electric-powered pickup trucks to perform field work, Lordstown Motors said in an announcement. 

“Over the past couple of months, we have worked to better understand the needs of local residents and businesses,” said Steve Burns, Lordstown Motors CEO, in a statement. “The ultimate goal is to continue to prioritize relationships, like the one we’ve developed with our partners at FirstEnergy, which drive innovative developments for this community.”

The electric vehicle startup plans to begin building the Endurance this year in General Motors Corp.’s former Lordstown Complex.

The letter of intent from the Akron-based utility company is the latest example of local businesses coming together to energize northeastern Ohio’s Voltage Valley, reinforcing Lordstown Motors’ commitment to the community, the company said in its statement.

The pickup trucks will complement FirstEnergy’s existing fleet and advance the company’s core values of innovation, performance and social responsibility, said Dennis M. Chack, vice president of product development, sales and marketing, in a statement. 

“We remain committed to embracing new ideas and opportunities that better serve our customers and contribute to a sustainable energy future,” he said in a statement. “We’re proud to partner with Lordstown Motors to enhance our operating fleet and support continued electric vehicle growth throughout our service area.”

The Endurance is designed to be the first production vehicle that utilizes a four-wheel-drive hub-motor system that reduces the number of moving parts. Fleet managers benefit with fewer breakdowns, lower maintenance and less cost. The overall benefit is a total cost of ownership that is a significantly lower lifetime operational cost compared to traditional pickup trucks, according to the company.

The pickup truck is designed with an onboard power export, Lordstown Motors says, allowing fleet workers to run power tools at the job site without the need for a portable generator or leaving the truck running. The truck is engineered to be lightweight, with all-wheel drive and a low center of gravity, while maintaining ground clearance.

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Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.