Lordstown Motors Stages ‘Tug of War’ with Ford 150

LORDSTOWN, Ohio – Just days after the company made its public trading debut on Wall Street, Lordstown Motors Corp. released a video demonstrating the traction prowess of its inaugural vehicle, The Endurance.

The 67-second video pits the all-electric pickup Endurance against the Ford F-150 — the highest-selling vehicle in the United States – in a “tug of war” traction test on a grassy, wet surface.

According to the video, the F-150 is a 2019 four-wheel drive Lariat model with an EcoBoost engine. The Endurance is the prototype unveiled in late June at the former General Motors Lordstown plant.

Shot from three different angles, the video shows the two vehicles tethered together at the rear bumpers about 10 feet apart. On the count of three, both vehicles start their engines, and The Endurance is then seen pulling the F-150 backwards, effectively winning the tug of war traction contest.

Said the company in releasing the marketing video, “With both trucks positioned in 4-wheel drive and traction control turned off, the match highlights the Endurance’s superior traction – a result of its revolutionary use of in-wheel hub motors — and proves it has the power and functionality to match the top trucks in its class, with improved performance, efficiency and safety.”

Lordstown Motors purchased the former GM Lordstown Complex in November 2019, where it wants to build The Endurance – billed as the world’s first all-electric commercial pickup.

Test vehicles are on schedule for production beginning in January, while full production of the vehicle is set for September.

On Monday, Lordstown Motors began trading on the Nasdaq under the ticker “RIDE.”

At midday Wednesday, Lordstown Motors’ stock was trading at $14.48 per share — down 12.58% from the previous day’s close at $16.56 – as the overall market was impacted by the surge in coronavirus cases in the United States and Europe.

Pictured at top: Screen shot from Lordstown Motors video of its “tug-of-war.”

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