M.P. Vivo Co. Passes Along Life Lessons

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – M.P. Vivo Heating and Air Conditioning was founded 13 years ago. But the seed for the family business was planted in the heart and mind of owner Michael Vivo when he was a child.

After his parents divorced, Vivo, his sister, his two brothers and their mother moved in with his grandparents.

“My grandparents basically raised us because my mom worked two jobs most of the time,” he says.

Vivo’s grandfather Art Myers showed him how to do household repairs as he was growing up. “He always took the time to teach me what he was doing or repairing,” Vivo says.

Growing up in that multigenerational household, helped Vivo realize he wanted to work with his hands for a living. After graduating from Chaney High School, he enrolled in the HVAC course at New Castle School of Trades. Vivo’s drive and passion for the industry resulted in swift success.

He finished completing the course with honors. Vivo’s uncle – who was already working in the industry – helped him land his first job at Roth Bros.

“I started in the parts department and worked my way up the ladder quickly to become a serviceman and installer in the residential department,” Vivo says. “I was taught things like great work ethic, dedication and accountability.”

Vivo was soon promoted to residential operations manager. Five years later, he was hired by a large commercial and industrial HVAC company to help it launch a residential arm.

“We built the business up to be one of the biggest residential companies in the area,” Vivo says. “With all my successes, I decided it was time to start my own company.”

He launched M.P. Vivo Heating and Air Conditioning in 2008. The Austintown-based family business adheres to the principles Vivo learned as a child from his grandparents.

His son, Christopher, works with the company as an installer. “I’m teaching him the ropes to eventually take over the business in the future,” Vivo says.

Vivo’s daughter, Hannah, is a teacher but she pitches in during the busy summer months. His brother, David, is office manager and dispatches the service technicians.

The company installs and services heating and air conditioning units, along with indoor air quality equipment.

Vivo is passing along to his children the life lessons he learned when he was young.

“I always preach to them to have the mindset to work hard and take pleasure in everything you do in life,” he says. “With that comes success and I believe in keeping my perspective on success. Success is being right with your creator, friends and family along with all our customers, and to always keep all three a priority.”

Pictured: Michael Vivo, center, stands with his brother, David (left), and son, Christopher.

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