Meeting Expectations | C-Level Strategy Series with Jon Arnold 10-1-21

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Businesses always shoot for perfect. But how can business owners set realistic expectations for their employees, knowing that mistakes will inevitably happen?

In the manufacturing world, it starts with an honest discussion about a worker’s abilities and setting an appropriate pay rate, says Holly Swartz, vice president of Personal Protected. Then giving the employee an opportunity to meet the expectations set by the employer.

“You have some time here to show us are you as good as you say you are. Are you meeting the expectations that we put out there?” Swartz says. “If they exceed those, they know that there’ll be compensation for exceeding those and they have room to grow.”

Letting employees know there are places to grow as they improve is important, she says, as is giving workers a chance to feedback so employers can adjust things on their end.

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