Metalico’s Youngstown Rails to See Safety Improvements

COLUMBUS – Metalico will improve safety at its Youngstown facility by replacing an old switch point derail, one of two projects the Ohio Central Railroad received $101,289 in funding from the Ohio Rail Development Commission to complete at Metalico facilities.

Metalico, one of the nation’s largest ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal processors, employs more than 550 people in 25 locations, including four in Ohio in Youngstown, Girard, Warren and Akron.

The Youngstown project will cost $101,298 and replace an existing split rail derail to the industry-standard switch-point derail. The project will also correct gauge as needed, tighten bolts and tamp about 6,000 feet of rail. The Rail Commission has committed $50,649 toward the project.

The second project is at Metalico’s Akron facility, where a deteriorated, internal plant at-grade crossing used to access the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway system will be restored. The Rail Commission has committed $50,640 toward the Akron project, which also will include proper gauging of the line in the area, tamping and joint tightening.

Metalico will contribute $67,529 total toward the two projects, which total $168,818.

“At Metalico, we utilize our rail system as an important piece of the logistics puzzle to both ship and receive materials. It is imperative that we maintain safe access and usability. Grant funding assistance through the Rail Commission is a huge help to improve safety and continue using rail at our facilities,” said Jim Smith, Metalico’s regional environmental, health and safety supervisor.

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