Micro Doctor IT Partners with N2Net

WARREN, Ohio – Micro Doctor IT, a Warren-based full-service IT, security and managed services technology company, has formed a new partnership with Cleveland-based N2Net. 

Mark Richmond, president of Micro Doctor IT, said he decided to partner with a cloud, fiber and data center company to expand offerings for customers.

“For more than 30 years, we have built our reputation on consistency, accountability, quality and unique product offerings for our clients,” he said. “The N2Net team of cloud industry experts fit perfectly into our growing company.”

The partnership allows Micro Doctor IT to take its list of customer services “to the next level,” Richmond added. He notes that his company, founded in 1989, offers products that prevent attacks before they cause a business interruption. “In both short and long term, the expansion of technology and service offerings will lead to more business success for our clients,” Richmond said.

The partnership is also not one-sided. Edward Rozak, president of N2Net, said it will allow his company to offer enhanced managed service technologies, improve its customer support, and expand its geographical reach. “This partnership will create opportunities to make our team poised to provide the area with world class IT support for many years to come,” Rozak said.

The new partnership also supports N2Net’s transition from a voice and data company to a full-service IT, cloud and managed services company, he explained. “We’ll have direct private access to cloud services from Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s AWS, along with NNI (Network-to-Network) interface with Verizon, CenturyLink, AT&T, Charter Communication/Spectrum, and Everstream, which will allow us to provide whatever is the most cost-effective gigabit bandwidth to a customer’s location,” Rozak said. “Even more, we’ll be natively connected to the VELO cloud… so we can provide cloud redundancy.”

N2Net’s new data center was designed to anticipate and accommodate a wide variety of cybersecurity protections, Rozak said.  Future investment plans include several layers of access security, including biometrics to comply with protections required under PCI (Personal Credit Info), Sarbanes Oxley financial issues, the Department of Justice, and various healthcare-related HIPAA restrictions.

For organizations moving data to the cloud, Rozak said data latency is becoming more of a concern.  The growth of virtual desktop solutions, as one example, provides a lot of data storage and security advantages but when not implemented with enough bandwidth can actually degrade workplace productivity.

“No one wants to see that spinning hourglass, but even a half second of latency for many applications is intolerable,” he explained. “As many companies are evolving into high-bandwidth consumers of data, the direct backbone access we’ll be able to provide them will be critical for their operations into the next decade.”

With this announcement, Micro Doctor IT is announcing a new cybersecurity product called Cloud Defense. Since most attacks are coming in via stolen cloud credentials, this product stops that and protects this vector.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.