Millwood Inc. Adds New Product to Its Line

VIENNA, Ohio –Millwood Natural, a Millwood Inc. brand has created a compost filter sock, or a colorful tube of mulch one might see laying off the side of the road when passing by a construction site. 

The socks are used to control storm water run-off and erosion from direct water flow and sediment deposits. “[The socks] will help us focus our sustainability in another avenue,” Joe Pecchia, director of strategic account and technology development, said in a news release.

The production process is unique to Millwood, he continued. The socks are manufactured at the pallet repair facility here, which will see an increase in production and overall revenues.

It starts with pallets that cannot be used any longer for the repair process. These pallets are ground up into mulch. After aging, that mulch is then loaded into a machine that forces it into an eight, 12, 18 or 24-inch diameter, environmental-friendly mesh netting.

The eight-inch diameter socks come in continuous 160-foot, or 190-foot lengths. The 12-inch diameter socks come in 110-foot lengths. The 18-inch diameter socks come in 55-inch lengths, and the 24-inch diameter socks are cut in 30-inch lengths.

There was a long testing process that the Millwood team completed in a lab to ensure the socks met Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials standards, Pecchia said.

“They tested for a myriad of metals, moisture content, solids and chemicals,” he said. “As 2017 participants of the U.S. Composting Council STA (Seal of Testing Assurance) Program, it’s required that testing happens bi-monthly.”

Millwood earned the STA certification in July.

Millwood Inc. innovates and produces unit load and packaging systems and materials. It services new, used and reconditioned pallets.

Pictured: Compost filter sock.

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