Monday Morning Market Intel: Feb. 24, 2020

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The new week begins as we wonder when, if at all, enough snow will fall this winter to close schools and give children a snow day. Of course, for business, there is no such thing as a snow day unless two feet of snow falls and shuts down virtually everything.

The shut-down last week of The Georgetown Banquet Center in Boardman topped last week’s most-viewed story chart as its owners announced a future venture and The Business Journal revealed the back story: foreclosure and $200,000 in debts. The prospect of a new Tex-Mex restaurant downtown also drew readers’ attention as Rich Kaszowski and Chris Davis discussed their plans to open the Tequila Coyote this spring.

Lordstown Motors Corp. continues to draw readers’ interest. The electric vehicle startup released a video that shows workers building the prototype of The Endurance pickup truck. The video was shot inside the 6.2 million square-foot plant that LMC purchased from General Motors Co. and is narrated by CEO Steve Burns.

Last Week’s Top 5 Stories | The Business Journal, Youngstown Publishing Company

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