Monus Fellows Aid YBI Portfolio Companies

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Six students from Youngstown State University have spent the fall semester working with portfolio companies at the Youngstown Business Incubator as part of the Bonus Entrepreneurship Fellows Programs.

Through the program, Alyssa Covert, Isaac Hraga, Jeremy Keillor, My N. Lee, Larsen Murvin and Richard Salman have worked with companies in preparing readiness studies, marketing, cash flow analyses and sales forecasts. All six are seniors at YSU.

“The Williamson College of Business Administration actively seeks to broaden our students’ business education to include entrepreneurial experience,” said Joseph Angelo, director of the YSU Entrepreneurship Center, in a statement. “It is thrilling to witness our students thrive in a dynamic startup environment while materially contributing the success of a local business. Our Monus Entrepreneurship Fellows make a real difference.”

Covert has been working with community-wellness technology company hChoices, focusing on content development to support an aggressive growth plan. 

Hraga worked with Pebble, an online platform highlighting the best the Mahoning Valley has to offer, from local shopping to “the 7 most Insta-worthy backdrops in Youngstown.”

Keillor has provided marketing assistance to Spinwheel, a business-to-consumer company that helps those with student debt pay off loans quicker using a rewards-based credit system that applies purchasing points to that debt.

Lee, working with Teametrix, has helped develop a marketing software platform to help companies expand their digital marketing, convert prospects and enhance their brands.

Murvin spent the semester working with Valley Growth Ventures, a capital venture firm specializing in entrepreneurial capital investments.

And Salman has worked with H.C. Analytics, a software company developing an artificial intelligence-based appointment reminder system to optimize health-care scheduling. 

“Being a Monus Fellow has provided me close-up insights about start-ups in the local area, opportunities to implement knowledge into real actions, and set a firm foundation for the next step in my professional career,” said Lee, a business administration major. “At the Youngstown Business Incubator and the portfolio company, my ideas are truly valued, rigorously refined and brought into reality. The wide variety of day-to-day tasks and the self-managing work environment have also helped my entrepreneurial mindset to grow exceptionally.”

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.