Moran Takes Veteran Support Message to the Skies

CANFIELD, Ohio – Jumping out of an airplane cruising at 12,000 feet to open the Canfield Fair was only the second-most exciting experience of the 84-year-old Fred Moran’s life.

“Second only to being married to my wife of 61 years. That’s the first, this is the second,” Moran told the crowd gathered for the opening ceremony for the 173rd Canfield Fair. 

Moran, an Army veteran and the owner of Window World Youngstown, tandem jumped out of a “perfectly good airplane,” with Sgt. 1st Class Mike Elliott, president of the All Veteran Group.

“We’re all so proud of our vets. These fellows are vets. I’m a vet. We’re surrounded by vets,” Moran said after his jump.

The AVG is a group of active and retired military veterans whose mission is to support veteran-related interests by showcasing the skill sets acquired through military service.

At 84 years old, Moran is “still young for a tandem jump,” Elliott said. 

“He did a great job. At 12,000 feet, it was about 30 degrees up there. So it was a little chilly up in the air, but what a champion,” said Elliott.

Elliott, a retired United States Golden Knight, also tandem jumped with former President George H. W. Bush on three occasions, including on the president’s 90th birthday.

“This is an opportunity for us to start an initiative Window World is undertaking throughout the country,” Moran said.

The initiative, Careers for Heroes, is an effort to promote available jobs throughout the Window World organization to veterans. Through, veterans can find job listings and career tips such as how to create a resume.

“Veterans can go on and we match up their skills with what we have available,” said Gina Schumer, marketing director for Window World.

Window World has more than 200 stores in 47 states. The Morans own seven throughout northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

“We hooked up with the Canfield Fair because what could be more patriotic than the Canfield Fair?” Schumer said.

The Morans employ several veterans already, Schumer said, though they’ve “never actively looked” until Careers for Heroes was launched a few weeks ago.

Careers for Heroes joins a list of several initiatives Window World has ongoing.

“We’ve raised over $8 million for St. Jude’s. We’re involved with the veterans airlift command,” said Schumer. “This is just another one of those great things that Window World does for people.”

Pictured: Window World Youngstown owner Fred Moran took part in a tandem parachute jump to open the 173rd Canfield Fair.

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