NEO3 Offers Webinar on Streamlining Business Performance

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – When it comes to managing every day business operations, it can be overwhelming to know the right way to get organized and streamline all of your business processes to achieve maximum efficiencies.

We have partnered with NEO3 Business Software Solutions President Jim Rosenberg to host a webinar at noon Sept. 30, discussing how to accelerate business performance with automated financial planning tools and produce real-time business information to make the most informed financial decisions. To register for this free webinar, click HERE.

NEO3 Business Software Solutions leverages the Netsuite enterprise resource planning tool that allows you to manage your CRM/sales, marketing, financials, inventory and e-commerce all in one place.

By leveraging a platform such as NetSuite, businesses improved collection time for accounts receivables by 30-50% and increased accounting staff productivity by 30-50%. The time and resources saved by using the platform can then be allocated to further growing and expanding your business instead of being locked up in overhead costs. 

Benefits of leveraging NEO3 Business Software Solutions:

  • Streamline reporting and processes.
  • Forecast sales and revenue.
  • Increase visibility into real-time financials.
  • Enhance cash flow management.

In putting together several consumer case studies, NEO3 Business Software Solutions found that in leveraging NetSuite, businesses saved up to 90% of their time on budgeting. This is largely in part to the real-time and customized reporting that the system offers. No more shuffling through Excel files or pen-and-paper which can potentially yield manual error. During the webinar, Jim Rosenberg will take you through the system functionalities and highlight some of the key insights they found through their consumer case studies.

It might seem like a lot of work to switch business operating systems, but NEO3 makes the transition seamless with a proven process that takes just a few months.

To register for this free webinar and learn more about how to automate your financial planning processes, click HERE.

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