NEOMED Students Announce Residency Destinations

ROOTSTOWN, Ohio – This afternoon, some 140 fourth-year medicine students at Northeast Ohio Medical University will find out where they will serve as resident physicians after they graduate in May. The university will host a celebration beginning at 11:30 at The New Center.

As part of the National Resident Matching Program, hospital officials interview medical students in the fall and winter and, afterward, students and officials indicate their preferences to the matching program coordinators. Results are announced nationwide March 17. Last year, 52% of NEOMED students were matched with health-care centers in Ohio.

To celebrate, NEOMED will draw envelopes, inviting each student to open their letter on stage and announce where they will be a resident. That student will then draw another envelope, inviting the next student up and so on. Before leaving the stage, each student will put $1 into a reverse raffle, with the final student winning the pot.

After all announcements have been made, the university will host a celebration reception. The announcement ceremony and reception are free and open to the public.

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