New Features Enhance EV Reliability

DETROIT – The 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV exhibits multiple features for EV energy monitoring and range maximization.

In addition to screen monitoring EV activity, regenerative breaking has also been added to the vehicle.

“One-pedal driving is pretty much the way I drive,” says Brad Wolf, Chevrolet EV advertising and marketing manager. “Using the accelerator pedal, as you lift off, the car starts to come to a stop for you.”

Wolf says that with one-pedal drive and the “Regen on Demand” feature, complete stops can be made without ever having to touch the breaks.

Jeremy Short, Bolt EV/EUV chief engineer, says regenerative breaking uses the connected rotation of the motor that’s attached to the wheels going down the road.

“Instead of putting current into the motor to create a magnetic field and a torque to drive the vehicle, we’re reversing that,” he says. “We’re drawing current off the motor, turning it into a generator and we’re collecting current from that vehicle, charging the battery.”

Short says electric vehicles are still loaded with sensors and a variety of screens to monitor activity.

“I set up my screens so that I can see me average miles per kilowatt-hour,” says Short. “I see my range and I see my current power draw, or the power that I am spending on accelerating.”

Between one-pedal drive and other features like the screens, Short says range and reliability is becoming maximized.

“Electric’s becoming more reliable, more accessible, and that’s where our vehicles are going,” he says. “I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Source: Chevrolet

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.