New Ohio Incorporations: Mahoning County, February 2024


33 Senses LLC: Brittany L. Carlson, 1962 Brandon Ave., Youngstown.

777 Esthetics LLC: Ashleigh Thomas, 796 Larkridge Ave., Youngstown.

A Chance Services LLC: Ira Lewis Jr., 1954 Everett Ave., Youngstown.

A P Property Management LLC: Anthony Perry, 8568 Catarina Place, Poland.

A&J Dispatching Services LLC: Mariola Marrero, 317 Ayers St., Youngstown.

A1 ALLCare LLC: Althea Curry, 31 S. Medina St., Youngstown.

Abeer Stores LLC: Marwan Yacoub, Laeth Yacoub, 4930 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown.

Abuela Palma Food’s LLC: Margarita Gutierrez, 4224 Sugarbush Drive, Canfield.

Ad Service Co. LLC: Anthony Ditosto, 355 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Canfield.

Agilis Logistics LLC: Kelynn Dean, 2935 Idlewood Ave., Youngstown.

AHC Ohio LLC: Amanda Dabruzzi, 111 Joan Circle, Campbell.

Ajmani Consulting LLC: 3944 Cooper Road, Lowellville.

AJS Golf LLC: Gregg A. Rossi, P.O. Box 6045, Youngstown.

All American Landscape LLC: Matthew Miller, 3342 Ambert Ave., Youngstown.

Alpha-Omega Transport LLC: Scott Davis, 1320 Depot St., Mineral Ridge.

Andrew N. Lee LLC: Andrew N. Lee, 47 N. Dunlap Ave., Youngstown.

Angel 26 LLC: Paresh Patel, 1340 Fox Den Trail, Canfield.

Anthony’s Sealcoating LLC: T. Scott Kamenitsa Jr., 1971 Woodgate St., Austintown.

Arc-On Technical LLC: Brian Wall, 475 Coitsville Road, Campbell.

Aylin Defne Consulting LLC: Aylin Sarac, 5394 Muirfield Drive, Canfield.

B3 Holdings LLC: Brian Reynolds, 734 Brentwood Ave., Youngstown.

Beleaveable LLC: Saddi Brown, 5326 Old Oxford Lane, Youngstown.

Bella Staging LLC: Isabella Davis, 7790 Exeter Court, Canfield.

Big Paws LLC: Joseph D.W. Johnson, 3801 Starrs Centre Drive, Suite 1, Canfield.

Bluevondehl LLC: Teresa Lynn Fulcher, 798 Kentwood Drive, Youngstown.

Buckeye Gourmet Popcorn LLC: Buckeye Gourmet Popcorn LLC, 439 Garden Valley Drive, Youngstown.

Buy Sell Ohio Houses LLC: Theresa Robin, P.O. Box 14253, Youngstown.

Cafjoe, LLC: David A. Detec Esq., 201 E. Commerce St. #2, Youngstown.

Camp Bulldog LLC: 26 Market St., Suite 610, Youngstown.

Campbell Cruelty and Humane Rescue: Amanda Habart, 856 Almasy Drive, Campbell.

Chenchen Huang CPA LLC: Chenchen Huang, 4845 Market St., Suite 2, Youngstown.

Contrast Wellness Pitt 1 LLC: William Taylor, 1112 Drake View Court, North Lima.

Contrast Wellness Pitt 2 LLC: William Taylor, 1112 Drake View Court, North Lima.

Contrast Wellness Youngstown LLC: William Taylor, 1112 Drake View Court, North Lima.

Corrections Medical of Ohio LLC: Elizabeth H. Farbman, 100 E. Federal St., Suite 600, Youngstown.

Cruise With Me LLC: Cruise With Me, 235 Lora Ave., Youngstown.

CSY Strategic Sourcing LLC: Corey Yon, 5488 Mared Lane, Lowellville.

Cupler Property Management LLC: Bill Cupler, 5675 Duck Creek Road, Berlin Center.

Dandyden LLC: Jake Lewis, 1100 Boardman Canfield Road, Boardman.

Daniels Land Management LLC: Paula M. Tancer, 11457 N. Palmyra Road, North Jackson.

Dans Auto Service LLC: Dans Auto Service, 667 W. Wood St., Lowellville.

Dawn Eats Catering & More LLC: Ladawnda Smith, 1130 Norwood Ave., Youngstown.

Dirty Little Details LLC: Wade Mitcheltree, 4055 South Ave., Lot 31, Boardman.

Dontae L. Hamilton LLC: Dontae L. Hamilton, 1897 S. Raccoon Road, Austintown.

Double A Trading Cards LLC: Andrew Augustein, 13433 Church St., Beloit.

Dr. Bobb Records LLC: Dr. Bobb Records, 1445 Republic Ave., Youngstown.

FDY Properties LLC: Fouad Bou Rjeily, 69 Westminster Ave., Austintown.

Federal City Associates: George Otto, 154 Upland Ave., Youngstown.

Fink’s Functional Medicine LLC: Fink’s Functional Medicine, 14889 Berlin Station Road, Berlin Center.

Flour Pot Baking Co. LLC: Miranda Giallousis, 761 Havenwood Drive, Youngstown.

Frank Carpet Cleaning Inc.: Frank N. Carswell, 89 E. Florida Ave., Youngstown.

Frankie Day’s Kitchen LLC: 4281 Dobbins Road, Youngstown.

Freedom Specialty Contracting LLC: Brian Evans, Angela Dobbins-Rivera, 2042 Woodgate St., Austintown.

Fymo Digital Ventures LLC: Kenya Rawls, 127 E. Montrose St., Youngstown.

Galactic Getaway Travel LLC: Joshua Bryan, 250 Maywood Drive, Boardman.

Gods Glory LLC: Gods Glory, 3464 Hadley Ave., Youngstown.

Golden Solutions LLC: January Golden, 2829 Youngstown Hubbard Road, Youngstown.

H Houses LLC: Gerrod Hrusovsky, 6297 New Castle Road, Lowellville.

H&K Realty Investments LLC: Hector F. Pino Colon, Kelvin Javier Melendez Prado, 1833 Selma Ave., Youngstown.

Hanrich LLC: Shawn Hannon, 1601 S. Raccoon Road, Youngstown.

Hart Family Properties LLC: James B. Dietz, 3801 Starrs Centre Drive, Suite 1, Canfield.

Home Team Yard Signs LLC: Nichole E. Lester, 114 Woodview Ave., Boardman.

Homero Peralta Construction LLC: Edward Garcia, 52 Poland Ave., Struthers.

Honee Homes LLC: Ashlee M. Jones, 319 E. Philadelphia Ave., Youngstown.

Hook Capital LLC: Joseph D.W. Johnson, 3801 Starrs Centre Drive, Suite 1, Canfield.

Horvath Tree Care LLC: Stephen Horvath, 51 Creed Circle, Campbell.

Immortalitas LLC: Levester Harris, 2026 Warwick Ave., Youngstown.

Jaquank LLC: Joseph Prejsnar, 698 Mansell Drive, Youngstown.

Jeanco LLC: Amy Anderson, 6650 New Road, Youngstown.

Jena Christy Ltd.: Jena Christy, 40 Russo Drive, Canfield.

Jeun Dieu Noir Ent & Clothing LLC: Antuan Heller, 2109 Hubbard Road, Youngstown.

JHW Enterprises LLC: Eric W. Jay, 2428 Timothy Knoll Lane, Poland.

JJS Remodeling & More Corp.: McElroy Public Accounting, 2925 Julian St., Youngstown.

JS Meats & Sweets LLC: JS Meats & Sweets, 418 Manchester Ave., Youngstown.

Kids Dig It LLC: Kenna Silvestri, 55 Elizabeth Place, Canfield.

Kingdom Heartreach Ministries: Kevin Carson, 2007 S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown.

Klaserlake LLC: William Klase, 82 Green Bay Drive, Youngstown.

Klparis Co.: Klparis Construction, 74 Edgewater Drive, Poland.

La’ Sharie Nails LLC: Sheila Tate, 1120 Dryden Ave., Youngstown.

Lancaster Products Inc.: Pruella Kate Combellack, 8025 Camden Way, Canfield.

Latinx Tax Solutions LLC: Angelica Torres, 91 Goretti Drive, Campbell.

Legaci Jones Cleaning Service LLC: Vanets Jones III, 1517 Fountain Square Drive, Austintown.

Leonard’s Logistics LLC: Leonard Cornelius Rogers III, 166 N. Bridge St., Struthers.

Life Liberty Litigation LLC: 3944 Cooper Road, Lowellville.

LL Closet Ltd.: Kahlila Alexander, 475 Gypsy Lane, Youngstown.

Lofts & Ledgers LLC: Shelah Mrosko, 7829 Huntington Circle, Youngstown.

Low Key Firearms LLC: Low Key Firearms, 2153 Shetland Lane, Poland.

Mahoning Valley Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution: Stephen Barlow, John Opre, John R. Guerrier Jr., 160 S. Beverly Ave., Youngstown.

Mahoning Valley Dsa: Anthony Giarratano, 107 Park Ave., Youngstown.

Maid In Youngstown LLC: Jessica McMeans, 22 Walnut St., Struthers.

Mann Tran Trucking LLC: Mark Wayne Manning, 4124 Monticello Blvd., Youngstown.

Maxxco Marketing Inc.: Bruce McElhaney, 43 N. Bentley Ave., Niles.

MBC 4 Movers LLC: MBC 4 Movers, 2725 E. Midlothian Blvd., Struthers.

Millennial Mindset Therapy LLC: Millennial Mindset Therapy, 3536 Westville Lake Road, Beloit.

Miller3 Anesthesia LLC: Alison Jo Gady, 5645 Mission Hills Drive, Canfield.

Minds-N-Motion Wellness LLC: Minds-N-Motion Wellness, 507 Wilcox Road, Youngstown.

MLN General Contractors and Excavating LLC: Michael L Nicholson, 198 Palestine Ave., Boardman.

Morris Septic Inspections LLC: /S/ Matthew D. Morris, /S/ Ronald J. Morris, 2905 Thunderbird Drive, Poland.

Ms. Brandi’s Catering LLC: Ms. Brandi’s Catering, 4839 Erie St., Youngstown.

Mystic Lazer LLC: Zachary Taylor, 4506 Middletown Road E, New Middletown.

Nardo Entertainment LLC: Giovanni Dinardo, 487 Catherine St., Youngstown.

Naturally Feminine LLC: Naturally Feminine, 3085 Biscayne Ave., Youngstown.

New Horizon Accounting LLC: Nancy Wilson Smith, 8524 Twin Oaks Court, Youngstown.

Nigeria NRG Company LLC: Sustainable Communities Corp., 2550 Dogwood Drive, Youngstown.

Odem Enterprise Co. LLC: Cheranda Odem, 4496 Mahoning Ave. #1047, Youngstown.

ODR Consulting LLC: Phillip Dragovich, 108 Kreps Road, North Lima.

One Global Transportation LLC: Jamiel Curges, One Global Transportation, 107 S. Osborn Ave., Youngstown.

One80consultation LLC: Ahmed Ahmed Elsayed, 1030 Westport Drive, Youngstown.

P & C Lawncare Services LLC: Preston Allen, 3030 Austintown Warren Road, Mineral Ridge.

P&C Maintenance LLC: Parkar Utley, 112 E. Carolina Ave., Sebring.

Pawsitive Veterinary Consulting LLC: Jenny Moorman, 6789 Tanglewood Drive, Youngstown.

Piggy Bank Properties LLC: Jacob Neptune, 11160 Johnson Road, Beloit.

Playdohi LLC: Judy R Sees, 260 Dartmouth Drive, Canfield.

Pro Mows Lawn Care LLC: Alyssa Marsh, 4133 Rush Blvd., Youngstown.

Product Resources LLC: Kimberly Beight, 2750 Highland Ave., Youngstown.

QT Hair Care LLC: Qt Hair Care LLC, 1325 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown.

QTB Enterprises LLC: Chad Allen Smithberger, 4440 Simon Road, Youngstown.

Qualityhomecare LLC: Drelynn Jacobs, 215 S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown.

R & W Holdings LLC: Daryl Williams, 8775 Woodland Drive, Youngstown.

R & W Property Management LLC: Daryl Williams, 8775 Woodland Drive, Youngstown.

RB Firstconnect Oh LLC: Raunaq Parikh, 104 Boardman Poland Road, Youngstown.

RBF Consulting LLC: James Meredith, P.O. Box 807, Canfield.

RC Taking The Plunge LLC: Ron Bolar, 1804 Mallard Lane, North Lima.

Red Rose Day Services LLC: Lisa Linton, 732 Oberlin Place, Youngstown.

Revere Strategy Partners LLC: Benjamin A. Keeler, 270 Chapel Lane, Canfield.

Rlem Wellness LLC: William Taylor, 1112 Drake View Court, North Lima.

Rockhopper Penguin Distribution LLC: Stephanie Bonsuk, 2216 Burma Drive, Youngstown.

Rosario Motorsports LLC: Carlos T. Rosario, 530 Moherman Ave., Youngstown.

Ruby Doo’s Pet Parlor LLC: Chloee Frederick, 241 S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown.

Rust Belt Re LLC: Louis Irizarry, Chloe Zidian Irizarry, 2037 Bishop Woods Court, Poland.

Rx Home Properties LLC: Gary Kabetso, 17722 Edgewater Drive, Lake Milton.

S & L Hospitality Group LLC: James B. Dietz, 3801 Starrs Centre Drive, Suite 1, Canfield.

Sababu Vigor and Performance LLC: Crystal Davis, 6577 Harvest Ridge Drive, Youngstown.

Salem Family Care LLC: Joseph J. Rousher, Brianne Bagwell, Mike Sevilla, 3815 Francesca Drive, Canfield.

Sarah Laite LLC: Sarah Laite, 4941 Hopkins Road, Youngstown.

Sargun Inc.: Mandeep Singh, 6629 S. Palmyra Road, Canfield.

Shingle Bros LLC: Tailor Brands Ltd., 104 Grays Run Road, Lowellville.

Simply Sweet Desserts LLC: Dorothy Williams, 245 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown.

Slick’s Sweets & More LLC: Beau R. Oliver, Anthony R. Oliver, 1605 Everett Ave., Youngstown.

Snefford Express LLC: Dhanwantie Moteelall Raffick, 5120 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown.

Soubra Real Estate LLC: 26 Market St., Suite 610, Youngstown.

South Range High School Step: Shawna Wilt, 6921 W. South Range Road, Salem.

Southbridge 755g LLC: Michael R. May, P.O. Box 860, Canfield.

Spring Mosaic LLC: Matthew Liller, 771 Ewing Road, Youngstown.

Steel Athletics Cheer: Dylan Bond, 403 E. Wood St., Lowellville.

Steves 3D Prints N Crafts LLC: Colleen Elizabeth Oneil, 1589 Cascade Drive, Youngstown.

Stonefruit Coffee Co. Niles LLC: Joshua Langenheim, 3300 Center Road, Youngstown.

Studio Vici LLC: Sarah Steingasser, Raegan Lytle, 874 Edenridge Drive, Boardman.

Sunny Hill Transportation LLC: John I Davis, 10577 Bandy Road, North Benton.

Supernova Construction LLC: Austin Weinreber, 4352 Logan Way, Youngstown.

T.A. Gary Services LLC: T.A. Gary Services, 487 N. Four Mile Run Road, Youngstown.

Tasty Snacks LLC: Amber Bodrick, 7587 Sugar Creek Drive, Boardman.

Team Black Lion Services LLC: Corey A. Bufford, 2005 Thalia Ave., Youngstown.

Tech By Day LLC: William L. Davis, 6623 N. Carolina Place, Poland.

The Birch Hill Group LLC: John R. Martynyszyn, 4734 Firnley Ave., Boardman.

The Local 330 LLC: Jennifer Marino, 489 Millbrook St., Canfield.

The Pintea Co. LLC: Heather P. Moser, 1585 Fox Den Court, Canfield.

The Prime Door Co. Inc: Mark R. Fortunato, 3296 Stones Throw Ave., Poland.

The Truth Service Co. LLC: Ronald E. Hinderliter Jr., 255 S. Beverly Ave., Youngstown.

Thewrightwayenterprise LLC: Shanice Griffin, 1135 W. Western Reserve Road, Unit D, Poland.

Thomas L. George Ira LLC: Thomas Louis George, 5343 Shields Road, Canfield.

Thread In Faith Corp.: Leighann Fedor, Kimberly Anderson, 145 N. Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown.

Threebf LLC: Sean Ferrier, 1808 Mallard Lane, North Lima.

Top G Cleaning Service LLC: Jennifer Miller, 4055 South Ave., Lot 7, Youngstown.

Trek North Consulting LLC: Allison Diehl, 819 S. 14th St., Sebring.

TRH Management Services LLC: Travis R. Henry, 2979 E. South Range Road, New Springfield.

Trucking Warriors Inc.: Mario Vasquez, 434 N. Brockway Ave., Youngstown.

Turman Farms LLC: Turman Farms, 2736 Westville Lake Road, Beloit.

Viamic Constracting LLC: Lovette Dobson, 1851 Bears Den Road, Youngstown.

West Boulevard Elementary Pta: Erin Naome, 6125 West Blvd., Boardman.

Western Reserve Chiropractic and Acupuncture LLC: Mark R. Fortunato, 3296 Stones Throw Ave., Poland.

Wheels Up Equipment Leasing LLC: Marco Malone, 42 N. Phelps St., Youngstown.

Wilson Ridge Homeowners Association: Gary Sheffler, 12035 South Ave., North Lima.

Wolosyn Circle LLC: Rust Belt Re LLC, Rust Belt Re LLC, 2037 Bishop Woods Court, Poland.

Woods Home Enterprise Solutions LLC: Ronald Woods, 2035 E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown.

Yo. Loads It LLC: Brandon Hall, 377 Mathews Road, Youngstown.

Z Marine LLC: Joshua D. Petrusko, 8560 South Ave., Suite 2, Poland.

Zax Snax LLC: Zax Snax, 406 Garden Valley Drive, Boardman.

Zayed 1 LLC: Heidi Alshakhatreh, 221 Kendall Ave., Campbell.

Source: Ohio Secretary of State new incorporations filed in February 2024.

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