New Ohio Incorporations: Mahoning County, January 2024


3161 Kingston Kane LLC: Andrew Mitchell, P.O. Box 4082, Youngstown.

3907 Claridge LLC: Bryson T. Sanders, 2211 5th Ave., Youngstown.

7zero LLC: Linda Rupchak, 1888 Cordova Ave., Youngstown.

A Smidgen of Everything LLC: Sarah Drabison, 1493 Tamarisk Trail, Poland.

A&R Partners In Grime LLC: A&R Partners In Grime, 3948 Sunset Blvd., Youngstown.

Ace Concrete LLC: Richard Parks, 1944 Penny Lane, Youngstown.

Aggressive Funding LLC: Harry Krause, 24 Wildfern Drive, Youngstown.

AI 46 LLC: Ian Sipes, 7081 West Blvd., Suite 4, Boardman.

Al Masandeh Inc.: Mohammad A. Al Masandeh, 57 N. Main St., Poland.

All Around Apparel LLC: All Around Apparel, 2914 Roosevelt Drive, Youngstown.

AMFJ Piping and Fabrication LLC: Adam Jones, 263 Oakview Ave., Struthers.

ANP Transport Inc.: Luis A. Dutton Myrie, 3896 Edinburgh Drive, Youngstown.

A-Town Cut Down Tree Services LLC: Anthony R. Mariani II, 29 Stewart St., Struthers.

Bartell’s Take LLC: Bartell’s Take, 4474 Mellinger Road, Canfield.

Bastioncore Ltd.: Munvaar Ali, 7451 Salinas Trail, Youngstown.

Best Hair By Gianna LLC: Gianna Panzott, 2098 Woodgate St., Youngstown.

Bob-Bob’s Handyman LLC: Robert Tieche, 570 Neff Drive, Canfield.

Bombbeauty Bar LLC: Chiffon Marie Ford, 1602 Fountain Square Drive, Youngstown.

Brow.Dee LLC: Destiny Rivera, 126 Jackson St., Campbell.

Bullmira Enterprises Ltd.: David Nolan Miracle, Jimmie Donald Bullis Jr., 5880 Stillson Place, Youngstown.

Canfield Dumpster Co. LLC: Jeffrey Tach, 9697 New Buffalo Road, Canfield.

Canfield Investment Management Group LLC: Sean Tucker, 520 Sawmill Run Drive, Canfield.

Chrome 3 Consulting LLC: Douglas Lay, 3940 W. Calla Road, Canfield.

Craft Lady LLC: Tailor Brands Ltd., 44 Saranac Ave., Youngstown.

Cultivated Love LLC: Jeanine V. Davis, 911 Larkridge Ave., Boardman.

Dappermanes Maine Coon Cattery LLC: Mary M. Hale, 1042 Shields Road, Youngstown.

DG Outdoors LLC: Dakota Gurney, 472 W. New York Ave., Sebring.

Donba LLC: Alan M. Donatelli, 5738 Mill Creek Blvd., Boardman.

E&E Installation Inc.: Martin Enright, Daniel Enright, 4024 Dover Road, Youngstown.

Emcee2 DJ Services LLC: Michela Bocchine, 3130 Dearborn St., Youngstown.

Etherea LLC: Nathan Gostey, 3280 W. Calla Road, Canfield.

Evan Gallo Auctioneers LLC: Evan Theodore Folino Gallo, 7006 Southberry Hill, Canfield.

Excusemybraiding LLC: Excusemybraiding, 181 E. Judson Ave., Youngstown.

F. Tuscano Holdings LLC: 125 Fitch Blvd., Unit 265, Youngtown.

Faith Slater Ecom Enterprises LLC: Faith Slater Ecom Enterprises, 929 Auburn Hills Drive, Unit 2, Youngstown.

Ferrous 3 Property Management LLC: Gayle Ferraro, 1131 Shawnee Trail, Youngstown.

Firehawk Vineyards LLC: Melvan Saunders, 6165 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown.

FTW Bookkeeping Services LLC: Thomas N. Trefethern Esq., 143 Boardman-Canfield Road #250, Boardman.

Gates Drone Services Inc.: Karen G. Gates, 597 Green Garden Drive, Boardman.

Gconcepts LLC: Gabrielle M Converse, 4684 Canfield Road, Canfield.

Glacier Placement LLC: Terri Link, 231 Kings Lane, Canfield.

Golden Star Hair Inc.: Rafat Saleh, 3103 Belmont Ave., Youngstown.

Gonatas 755 Building LLC: Dennis Gonatas, 5545 Timberwood Trail, Canfield.

Graceful Events LLC: Russell Grace, 230 S. Dunlap Ave., Youngstown.

Her Floured Apron LLC: Gabriella Hockett, 3726 Barber Drive, Canfield.

HHP Southern LLC: Chester Horlick, 5815 Market St., Suite 3, Youngstown.

Hope and Healing Wellness LLC: Charity Anne Kurz, 7672 Cobblers Run, Youngstown.

Horizon Hope Program Corp.: Erick E. Lagroux, 6400 Olde Stone Xing, Youngstown.

Horst Custom Service LLC: Douglas Horst, 9762 Lisbon Road, Canfield.

Images At South Bridge LLC: Barbara M. Daprile, 2150 Redwood Place, Canfield.

Integrated Concrete Services LLC: Elizabeth H. Farbman, 100 E. Federal St., Suite 600, Youngstown.

Investmint CD LLC: Corey Dame, 4514 Alderwood Drive, Canfield.

J&H Carpentry LLC: Alan Parker Johnson, 25 Mill Creek Drive, Youngstown.

Jalisco Alliance LLC: Carmen I. Heasley, 4426 Aladdin St., Canfield.

Jat Advisory Group Ltd.: Adam Lonardo, 6607 Covington Cove, Canfield.

Kalimah Krown Kare LLC: Kalimah Magnus, P.O. Box 3882, Boardman.

Kas Electrical Inspections LLC: Kenneth A. Stoklosa, 2631 Morningside Place, Poland.

KG Investments Ltd.: Kenneth Mocella, 4445 Burkey Road, Youngstown.

Kingdom Recovery: Jamie Yovichin, Justin Howard, 3548 Arden Blvd., Youngstown.

KPCB LLC: Kelly R. Pavlik, 8560 South Ave. Suite 2, Poland.

Kreate Kreations Nail Spa LLC: Karla Ross, 2840 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown.

Krossar Holdings LLC: Bernard Kosar, 558 E. Main St., Canfield.

Lapine Lotus LLC: Elizabeth Durflinger, 1159 Timbercrest St., Youngstown.

Leonard Cattle Co. LLC: Tiffany Leonard, 9800 Mahoning Ave., North Jackson.

Lisko Fox’s Pizza Den LLC: Richard Lisko, Tyler Lisko, 2823 Lehigh Lane, Lowellville.

Live From The Living Room LLC: James Ford, 5638 Vassar Ave., Youngstown.

Local Renovation LLC: Luke Pyles, 94 Maple Ave., Austintown.

Lounge330 LLC: Jonesha Floyd, 2810 Market St., Youngstown.

Loving Total Care: Larasha Cooke, 2799 Mariner Ave., Youngstown.

LW&F Investments LLC: Mark Pelini, 3976 Montereale Drive, Canfield.

Mahoning Valley Car Cruises LLC: Michael Adamski, 6378 Saint Andrews Drive, Canfield.

Mbiechler Food and Beverage LLC: Matthew Biechler, 133 E. Oregon Ave., Sebring.

Mentor Your Future Inc.: Natali Jean Schneider, William J. Schneider, 100 Kreps Road (P.O. Box 465), North Lima.

MG&M Rentals Co.: MG&M Rental Co., 708 Miller St., Youngstown.

Micro Instrument LLC: Sunny Kumar, 7589 Sugar Creek Drive, Youngstown.

Mikro Lab Studio, LLC: Michael Keith Lindenberger, 8744 Tippecanoe Road, Canfield.

Miles Music & Media LLC: Patrick Spearman, 2411 Hunters Ridge, Youngstown.

Misty D’s Construction LLC: Misty Sanders, 4833 Westchester Drive, Austintown.

Montrose Avenue Studios LLC: Corrie McCue, 375 Argyle Ave., Youngstown.

Mussler Chiropractic & Wellness LLC: James Mussler, 755 Boardman-Canfield Road, Suite C2, Youngstown.

Nasnco Marketing LLC: Nicholas Sugar, 6808 Tanglewood Drive, Boardman.

NC Real Estate Holdings LLC: T. Scott Kamenitsa, Jr., 3735 Villa Rosa Drive, Canfield.

Noctinoir LLC: Brittany K. Simboli, 4402 Mellinger Road, Canfield.

Now & Forever Entertainment LLC: Jaelynn Morrison, 398 W. Earle Ave., Youngstown.

Ohio Mobile Spa LLC: Lawrence Newell, 328 1/2 Idlewood Road, Youngstown.

Panola Ann’s Cleaning and Landscaping LLC: Torrance D. Hawkins Jr., 559 Dean Ave., Youngstown.

Papa Jons Construction LLC: Jonathan Griffin, 486 Norwood Ave., Youngstown.

Parban Holdings LLC: Yechezkel Mayer, 5665 South Ave., Boardman.

PGS Entertainment LLC: PGS Entertainment, 4519 New Hampshire Place, Austintown.

Plotnikov LLC: Alexsey Plotnikov, 7450 Ranier Ave., Boardman.

Prabhjeet Inc.: Simply Tax Prep Inc., 1804 Oak St., Youngstown.

Pratt’s Lawn Care LLC: Pratt’s Lawn Care, 2216 W. Manor Ave., Youngstown.

Prime Lawncare LLC: Jackson Tonya, 3219 Hummingbird Hill Drive, Poland.

Prime Time Hauling LLC: Bryan Estrada, 880 Detroit Ave., Youngstown.

Priviledge Princess Products LLC: Priviledge Princess Products, 110 E. Wood St., Youngstown.

Probucks Properties LLC: Merrie C. Raybuck, Wesley C. Prout, Holly K. Prout, 2782 Highland Ave., Poland.

Ralphie’s LLC: Ralph Stoddard, 1684 Weston Ave., Youngstown.

Rance Real Estate Corp.: Rhonda Rance, 211 Jefferson Place, Canfield.

Rasing Vibrations LLC: Rasing Vibrations LLC, 715 E. Midlothian Blvd., Unit B, Youngstown.

RDJROD Real Estate LLC: Jarrod Boyle, 947 Compass West Drive, Youngstown.

Ready To Move Transportation LLC: Renee Clark, 1583 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown.

Rebel Farming LLC: Maria Weber, 7251 N. Palmyra Road, Canfield.

Reece’s Masterpieces LLC: Maurice Ross, 1892 S. Meridian Road, Youngstown.

Rent A Space LLC: Kristen Bostocky, 32 Sandstone Lane, Canfield.

Rickert Racing LLC: Andy Rickert, 3220 S. Pricetown Road, Berlin Center.

RL Smith Innovations LLC: Mark R. Fortunato, 3296 Stones Throw Ave., Poland.

Rome Taylor LLC: Rome Taylor, 624 Broadway St., Youngstown.

RW2 Gallery LLC: Robert Walker, 189 Wychwood Lane, Youngstown.

Salman Boys LLC: Mohammad Salman, 962 5th St., Struthers.

Sebring West Branch Baseball League: Lisa Hoopes, Pete Raga, 167 Westville Lake Road, Beloit.

Seinkner Solutions LLC: Emily Seinkner, 7031 Barrington Drive, Canfield.

Serenity Staffing LLC: Asia Armstrong, 2516 Stocker Ave., Youngstown.

Shample Paint & Indoors LLC: Zachary Shample, 3067 Olde Winter Trail, Youngstown.

Sheve Properties LLC: Sheena Carchedi, Stephen Carchedi, 2451 Stewart Road, Lowellville.

Silvir Beauty LLC: Kaylee Aliberti, 3680 Meander Reserve Circle, Canfield.

Simple Sister LLC: Brianna L. Deal, 7897 Duck Creek Road, Berlin Center.

Sleeptightanesthesia LLC: Greg Parella, 9600 Cherry Hills Drive, Canfield.

Soaring Shops Ltd.: Cynthia M. Houser, 557 Murray Hill Drive, Youngstown.

Spearman Outdoors LLC: Ralph P. Delserone III, 615 Boardman-Canfield Road, Suite I, Youngstown.

Specialized Outdoor Services LLC: Specialized Outdoor Services, 476 Brandon Ave., Struthers.

Speed EV LLC: George Bulick, 1975 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit C1, Poland.

Spiritual Serenity Healing LLC: Susan Sahli, 1298 Victory Hill Lane, Austintown.

Springfield Enterprises & Storage LLC: James B. Dietz, 3801 Starrs Centre Drive, Suite 1, Canfield.

Steel Valley Transport LLC: Gregory Langenheim, 429 Melbourne Ave., Youngstown.

Super Laundry Express LLC: Shabana Musawar, Musawar Jamil, 192 Sugar Cane Drive, Boardman.

Sweetie Cakes LLC: Erik Viera, 615 W. Harvey St., Struthers.

The Little B 3’s LLC: Heidi Duhon, 655 S. Salem Warren Road, North Jackson.

Three Little Bites LLC: Tracy Steele, 4214 Burkey Road, Austintown.

Three Thirty Designs LLC: David Hawkins, 13251 Old Hickory Court, North Lima.

Ticos Landscaping LLC: Argeri Vega, 4660 Waseka Lane, Boardman.

TNT Concrete Recycling LLC: James T. McElrath, 5552 Dunlap Road, Youngstown.

Town & Country Tech Services LLC: William L. Davis, 6623 N. Carolina Place, Poland.

Unlikely Streetwear LLC: Unlikely Streetwear, 575 Hickory Hollow Drive, Canfield.

Urgent Care Associates LLC: Lena Esmail, 8560 South Ave., Suite 2, Poland.

Village Yoga and Arts Studio LLC: Elizabeth H. Farbman, 18 Windemere Place, Youngstown.

Wayland Management LLC: Ryan Wayland, 3931 Claridge Drive, Youngstown.

Wescend Co.: Wescend, 4220 Pembrook Road, Youngstown.

Yana Helps: Yana, 335 W. Warren Ave., Youngstown.

Youngstown Cargo LLC: Youngstown Cargo, 424 Tudor Lane, Youngstown.

Youngstown Cattle Co. LLC: George A. Gabriel, 3321 Chestnut Hill, Poland.

Youngstown Ghost Hunters: Subpar-Anormal Investigators LLC: Luke Schuster, 3117 Chardonnay Lane, Poland.

Zen Housing LLC: Jihye Park, 7749 E. Parkside Drive, Youngstown.

Source: Ohio Secretary of State new incorporations filed in January 2024.

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