New Business Journal Series Explores ‘How to Win with Webinars’

Are you dropping knowledge bombs in the first 10 seconds of a webinar? Perhaps you should.

How many webinars have you attended that start out annoyingly slow…set up, housekeeping, introductions….all a snore.

The best webinars captivate your audience right out of the gate. They use compelling educational stats to hook your audience and get them to stay.

In May, we’ll explore “How to Win with Webinars” plus three other topics in our Winning Wednesday Webinar series. It’s part of our Rally Around Small Business campaign, sponsored by Premier Bank.


In evaluating your marketing and sales goals for the year, it is important to keep in mind the different digital channels and strategies for different types of goals. Any successful marketing and sales department knows that the best campaigns and biggest client wins start with a defined goal and a well-thought out strategy.

If your goal is lead generation, for example, webinars are the perfect way to capture new names and nurture those opportunities into sales qualified leads. If your goal is brand awareness and retention, digital ads and paid media are imperative to keep your brand name strong and customer loyalty stronger.

Beyond marketing and sales goals, we will help you understand best practices as well as how to garner media attention for your team. As the world has shifted to a digital-first model, now more than ever it is important to understand how to win at marketing and sales in this new virtual world. 

In addition to marketing and sales best practices, we will have live Q&A to discuss strategy, new tactics, and more. Each week we will host the new Winning Wednesday Webinar Series and feature in-house presenters and external experts for a short, educational discussion. 

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