YSU, NEOMED Program to Boost Family Physicians

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Youngstown State University and the Northeast Ohio Medical University are collaborating on a new educational partnership aimed at increasing the number of primary care physicians serving medically underserved populations throughout the region.

The YSU-BaccMed program, which will enroll its first cohort of students in the fall semester, allows individuals who want to become primary care physicians to earn both bachelor’s and medical degrees within a variety of timelines, including a compressed, seven-year period.

The first YSU-BaccMed class will include 20 students. The second class, which starts in fall 2017, will include 40 students, and the third class, starting fall 2018, will include 70 students.

“YSU-BaccMed is built on the premise of finding talented students who want to enter the field of primary health care, set up practices for people in rural, urban, and economically disadvantaged areas, and/or do research related to and supporting primary care and medically underserved communities,” said Stephen Rodabaugh in a statement. Rodabaugh is associate dean of the YSU STEM College and the YSU-NEOMED liaison officer.

The YSU-BaccMed is a nominal 3 + 4 program: three-year BaccMed bachelor of science degree pathways are available in biological sciences and biochemistry, followed by four years of medical school at NEOMED for the M.D.

In addition, BaccMed will allow YSU students from a variety of majors to be considered for conditional admission into NEOMED during their second YSU year, and supplement their YSU programs as needed with courses from BaccMed B.S. pathways.

“For more than four decades, YSU and NEOMED have worked together to provide talented and dedicated doctors for communities throughout the region,” said Martin Abraham, YSU provost and vice president for academic affairs, in a statement.

“This new program builds upon that strong and successful relationship by re-affirming the commitment of both universities to produce graduates dedicated to serving as primary care physicians, particularly for rural, urban and economically disadvantaged populations,” he continued.

For more information on YSU-BaccMed, visit the YSU STEM website or contact Brett Kengor, advising coordinator, at 330 941 1531 or barovnyak@ysu.edu; or Rodabaugh at 330 941 3347 or rodabaug@math.ysu.edu.

SOURCE: YSU News Center.

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