Business Journal Seeks Nominations for ‘Great Places to Work’

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Over the past two years, many workers have realized their jobs mean far less than their physical and mental health.

They’ve also learned how crucial it is to spend time with loved ones. These insights come from Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index, as reported by the Financial Post.

This workplace paradigm shift has been termed “The Great Resignation.” Last year alone, 18% of survey respondents quit their job. Furthermore, more than 52% of Generation Z and millennials considered leaving their current positions. 

Projections from the Financial Post show that COVID-19 is just the tip of the iceberg. Today’s employees aren’t afraid to up and leave their employers in the lurch. 

As such, the value of cultivating a genuinely excellent work environment has never been higher. Doing so will offer organizations a tremendous competitive edge.

Introducing ‘Great Places to Work’

Our latest editorial series was borne out of the realization that many employers in our region have taken great steps to staving off The Great Resignation … and that they should be recognized.

Throughout May and June, The Business Journal will publish a list of reader-submitted “Great Places to Work” along with perspective from their employees as to why they were nominated for the list. 

“In a time when there are so many local businesses hiring, we want to hear from the workers – our readers – what makes their company a Great Place to Work,” says Andrea Wood, publisher. “We will showcase these nominations to show our readers the special benefits and personal touches that local employers provide for their workers.”

Click HERE to submit your company’s nomination.

Nominations will be featured in print and online in the order they are received. Stories and posts will include links to each company’s website and/or hiring page.

“Great Places” is the latest addition to our Rally Around Valley Business brand. It’s brought to you by co-headline sponsors The DeBartolo Corporation and Cohen & Co. 

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