Notice to Our Print Subscribers

A few of our readers received two copies of the August edition of The Business Journal but most only got one copy – and it was at least 10 days late. Here’s why:

The first time the August edition was printed and mailed, July 24, the company that provides mailing services inadvertently left off street addresses for all of our subscribers. That meant subscribers’ names and cities were on the mailing address but not their street address. This problem did not become known until Aug. 3, when the post office began sending us returns.

A few of our readers subsequently told us they received the August edition, thanks to their neighborhood mailman, even though it did not have a street address. But the vast majority did not. And so, we printed the August edition a second time Aug. 5 and sent it to all of our subscribers.

We appreciate how our mailing service worked with The Business Journal to rectify this problem and apologize to our readers for the confusion this may have caused.

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