Offices: Safety Guidelines for Reopening

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – As part of the effort to reopen Ohio’s economy, Gov. Mike DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health have released guidelines for the sectors that are allowed to resume normal business in the coming weeks. 

Beginning May 4, offices can reopen, provide they adhere to best practices, such as having all employees seated at least six feet apart. Face coverings – anything that covers the nose and mouth, not necessarily medical-grade personal protective equipment – are recommended for workers.

Travel must be limited as much as possible, regular hand washing is required and the sharing of work materials, such as documents, should be minimized.

Desks and other high-contact surfaces must be disinfected frequently and common areas should be cleaned daily. 

Among the recommended best practices are closing gathering spaces such as break rooms if they can not be cleaned regularly, divide staff into groups and establish rotating shifts and maintain a three-week supply of cleaning supplies.

A PDF of the state guidelines for offices is available here.

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