Ohio Auditor Issues Finding Against Lordstown Treasurer

LORDSTOWN, Ohio – Auditor of State Keith Faber’s office issued a $1,648 finding for recovery against Lordstown Treasurer George Ebling.

The finding was part of the state’s most recent audit of the village, which was released Tuesday. 

During 2018 and 2019, Ebling prepared bank versus book reconciliations each month that were presented to Village Clerk William Blank and Village Council’s finance committee as being reconciled, but the reconciliations “were not always complete and accurate,” according to the statement from Faber’s office. 

“The clerk’s office notified Ebling’s office of reconciliation differences throughout both years, but the Treasurer did not always respond to the notifications nor investigate the differences in order for the book balances to be completely reconciled to the adjusted balances,” the statement continued. 

Upon review and testing of the Dec. 31, 2018 and 2019 reconciliations, auditors concluded based on the support provided, that total fund balances exceeded the adjusted bank balances in the amounts of $6,076 and $6,509, respectively.

The finding for recovery for public monies illegally expended was issued against Ebling and Midwest Trumco Insurance Agency, his bonding company, in the amount of $1,648 in favor of the village general fund.

Mayor Arno Hill dismissed the discrepancy as accounting errors in a Tuesday phone interview. “There’s no misappropriation at all,” he said. 

The village treasurer is responsible for reconciling the fund balance to the total bank balance on a monthly basis, and the village clerk and council are responsible for reviewing the reconciliations and related support.

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