Ohio Liquor Permit Renewal Applications Going Fully Online

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Starting this fall, the Ohio Division of Liquor Control will accept liquor permit renewal applications only online. 

Most permit holders have already adopted the online process, according to Liquor Control. In October 2021, nearly 55% of permit holders who renewed used the portal. The following year, nearly 78% filed online. And in June, more than 80% of permit holders filed online.

“When applications were filled out on paper and mailed in, there was a risk of them being incomplete, causing delays in the process. With online renewals, licensees are required to fully complete the application before submission,” said Jim Canepa, Liquor Control superintendent. “Permit holders will also have more payment options and receive instant proof that they filed and, when applicable, get the necessary documentation to continue operating while we process their application.”

The October renewal cycle will encompass all retail permit (Class C/D) locations in northeastern Ohio. Unlike other renewal cycles, October will also include, regardless of location in Ohio, all breweries, wineries and distilleries (Class A); wholesale distributors (Class B); transportation/common carriers (Class H); direct-to-consumer shippers (Class S); and warehousing permits (Class W).

“As the division works on more online options for all liquor permit applications, we continue to engage stakeholders in the process to ensure that we are building a system for the future that betters the experience for all users that will foster continued business growth,” Canepa said.

Pictured at top: Photo courtesy of pexels.com.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.