Ohio Reports Nearly 6,000 New COVID Cases, PA Sets New Record

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Ohio Department of Health reports 5,874 new cases of COVID-19 in the state since Tuesday for a total 267,356.

The state also reported 21,290 total hospitalizations – up 253 from Tuesday – with 4,122 of those being admissions to intensive care. The current 21-day reported hospitalization average is 179. The Ohio Department of Health also reports 5,623 deaths, or 76 more than Tuesday.

In Pennsylvania, the Department of Health reports 243,368 cases of COVID-19, up 4,711 from Tuesday – a new record for the commonwealth – along with 2,080 current hospitalizations and 9,145 deaths, up 59.

In Mahoning County, the ODH reports 4,945 cases – up 111 since Tuesday – with 615 hospitalizations, up four, and 293 deaths.

The ODH reports 3,301 cases in Trumbull County, up 67 since Tuesday, with 439 hospitalizations, up eight, and 139 deaths. The Trumbull County Combined Health District Wednesday reported 3,278 cases and 138 deaths.

In Columbiana County, the ODH reports 2,569 positive cases, up 23, along with 259 hospitalizations, up three, and 88 deaths.

Mahoning and Trumbull counties are rated Red in the state’s color-coded Public Health Advisory System, indicating very high exposure and spread. Columbiana County has an Orange rating, indicating increased exposure and spread.

Only two counties remain at the Yellow level: Morgan and Monroe in southeastern Ohio.

Of the total cases reported by Ohio Department of Health, 252,510 are confirmed. ODH reported 14,846 probable cases based on the CDC’s expanded case definition. The state also reports 5,623 total deaths, which breaks down to 5,285 confirmed deaths and another 338 probable deaths under the CDC expanded diagnosis definition. The 21-day reported case average for new cases is 3,779.

The ODH also reports 21,290 hospitalizations, of which 4,122 are intensive care admissions. The state reports a presumed 191,950 Ohioans have recovered after testing positive. Presumed recovered is defined as cases with a symptom onset date of greater than 21 days prior who are not deceased, according to the ODH website.

Thus far, Ohio has conducted 4,994,937 tests. CLICK HERE for a map of testing locations in the state.

On Monday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health reported 243,368 total cases, with 2,080 people hospitalized and 193 on a ventilator. The commonwealth reported 9,145 COVID-related deaths. Of the total cases, 229,282 are confirmed.

Of all tests conducted in Pennsylvania, 2,888,761 were reported negative. With positive cases, 71% have recovered. If a case has not been reported as a death and it is more than 30 days past the date of their first positive test or onset of symptoms, then the person is considered recovered, according to the health department’s website.

On Wednesday, the health department reported Mercer County has 1,560 cases, or 77 new cases since Tuesday, and 30 deaths – one since Tuesday – with 15,791 negative tests, while Lawrence County has 1,388 total cases, up 45, and 46 deaths – two since Tuesday – as well as 10,391 negative tests.

The figures are updated daily by the Ohio Department of Health at 2 p.m. and Pennsylvania Department of Health at noon.

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