Ohio Will Analyze Regulations with New AI Tool

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio’s Common Sense Initiative will begin using artificial intelligence to examine state’s 240,000 regulations in an effort to streamline the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code.

“Ohio has over 200 years of rules and regulations that have been patched together in a way that no one person or team of people can fully understand them,” said Lt. Gov. Jon Husted in a statement. “With our new AI tool, any regulatory topic can be researched and analyzed in seconds. We are going to use this new tool to bring comprehensive regulatory reform to Ohio.”

The project will be implemented by InnovateOhio, the state effort to use technology to improve government functions run by the lieutenant governor’s office. The Common Sense Initiative is Ohio’s program to review business regulations and help businesses navigate the regulatory system.

Artificial intelligence will be used to compare and link data sets to more quickly narrow the work that needs to be done by human analysts to streamline the regulations. 

“The implementation of the AI tool will allow the initiative to be proactive in the way it looks at rules instead of simply waiting for regulations to be filed,” Husted said. “In partnership with CSI staff, this will significantly hasten the process of deciding which regulations are truly necessary for the health and safety of Ohioans and which may be outdated, conflicting or redundant.”

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.