On Demand Occupational Medicine Aids Employers

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio – In response to evolving drug testing regulations and the increasing legalization of recreational marijuana, On Demand Occupational Medicine has emerged as a crucial resource for employers, says Sydney Williams, chief development officer.

On Demand Occupational Medicine has streamlined employment drug screening and physicals with a new fully electronic, web-based process. In 2023, the company processed nearly 22,000 drug screens, contributing to faster job placements nationwide, according to Williams.

The Austintown-based organization, also known for its telemedicine services, introduced same-day virtual appointments this year. Despite a focus on virtual offerings, On Demand maintained a robust local presence, serving over 30,000 individuals in Austintown and providing on-site services to an additional 8,000 in the region, Williams says.

As recreational marijuana policies shift, On Demand offers policy reviews to employers, helping them ensure a drug-free workplace. The company anticipates oral fluid testing will be at the forefront of drug screening in 2024.

Looking ahead, On Demand plans to expand its virtual resources and nationwide services.Enhancements to its employee assistance program and training division are expected to meet the evolving needs of the company’s clients, Williams says.

“On Demand remains at the forefront of occupational medicine, poised for continued growth,” she says.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.