Penn-Northwest Development Corp. Celebrates Growth

Penn-Northwest Development Corp. celebrated its members by hosting their quarterly meeting at Dean Natural Vending, which has begun a $1.3 million expansion on an 11,000-square-foot addition to the CHIP building.

“The days I’ve spent at Penn-Northwest across the parking lot on their blackboard with some of those people just drawing out what we would need, how we would do it, how this building would fit and how it would fit on the property and how we might be able to finance it, it was very valuable,” says Robert Dean, CEO of Dean Natural Vending.

“We made Bob Dean with Dean Natural Vending realize that we were open for his business and we made him feel like he was important even though initially he was bringing a dozen or so employees, his vision was to have several dozen employees and so it was a win-win,” says Rod Wilt, executive director of Penn-Northwest Development Corp.

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