Penn State Shenango Expands Automatic Scholarship Program

SHARON, Pa. – Penn State Shenango has expanded its “$3,000 for 3.0” scholarship program, now offering students scholarships up to $5,000. The expansion will first be available to the high school class of 2021.

Under the new expansion, Penn State Shenango will offers $2,000 scholarships to students with a 2.8 GPA, $3,0000 for those a 3.0, $4,000 for a 3.25 and $5,000 for students with a 3.5. The scholarships are renewable for students that maintain a 2.5 college GPA. Adult and transfer students are also eligible. 

“We have high achieving students join us every year and we wanted to find more ways to reward them for their academic accomplishments,” said Shawn O’Neil, the campus’ student aid coordinator, in a statement. “We’re keeping ‘$3,000 for a 3.0,’ but adding more tiers to help more students.”

The Penn State Shenango scholarship program, now in its fifth year, requires no extra applications and has no ACT and SAT score requirement.

“I understand the difficult financial situation some families are in right now. We are the only campus to guarantee scholarships to future students up front because we want to make a Penn State education accessible,” said director of enrollment Chuck Greggs.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.