Better Than You Remember

A Killer Time with Killers

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A Killer Time with Killers

October 5, 2020: It’s time to see who is the deadliest horror movie villain!

In this episode of ‘Better Than You Remember,’ Steve Peterson, Dan Hiner, Mike Moliterno and Maggie Young pit 16 movie killers against one another in a playoff-style bracket, until only one slasher remains.

Some of the initial matchups include Pinhead versus Pennywise, the Xenomorph versus the shark from ‘Jaws,’ and Michael Myers versus Leatherface. And FYI, the guys decided to play a little trick on Maggie by advancing a certain villain all the way to the end, despite all logic. Watch Maggie’s disbelief grow and see if your favorite villain makes it to the end in this episode of ‘Better Than You Remember.’

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