Better Than You Remember

Reviewing ‘The Chase’ | Better Than You Remember

Better Than You Remember
Better Than You Remember
Reviewing 'The Chase' | Better Than You Remember

September 22, 2020: In Episode 4 of “Better Than You Remember,” Mike Moliterno, Steve Peterson and Maggie Young take a look at “The Chase.” The little-known film stars Charlie Sheen as Jack Hammond, a wrongly-accused felon, and Kristy Swanson as Natalie Voss, the daughter of the richest man in California. The supporting cast features, well, pretty much everybody that’s appeared in a Hollywood production prior to its March 1994 release.

Hammond captures Voss after being confronted in a gas station. After escaping thanks to a candy bar, Hammond and his hostage drive to the Mexican boarder with the police and local news crews hot on their tail.

Is a comedy? Yes. Is it a romantic comedy? Kind of, in a way. But it’s definitely funny satire on the state of the media and public perception.

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