Poland Wells Produce Strong Natural Gas Output

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Four horizontal wells drilled by Hilcorp Energy Co. in Poland Township continue to show promise with strong, steady production of natural gas, according to the latest data from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

ODNR released production results of 877 oil and gas wells drilled in Ohio’s Utica shale during the first quarter of 2015.

During this period, Ohio’s shale wells produced 183.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 4.4 million barrels of oil, ODNR reported. Oil output increased by 842,000 barrels while gas production grew by more than 18 billion cubic feet compared to the fourth quarter of 2014.

Hilcorp’s Poland Township wells at the Carbon Limestone Landfill are the best-performing wells in Mahoning and Trumbull counties, according to ODNR records.

Two of the wells at the Carbon Limestone site – the CLL2 5H and 6H — produced more than 300 million cubic feet of natural gas over the 90-day period. The pad’s CLL2 3H produced 289.3 million cubic feet of natural gas while the CLL2 2H yielded 222.6 million cubic feet.

All performed above the Utica average of 209.3 million cubic feet of gas per well.

Three others reported results that were less than the Utica average. One well, the CLL2 1H, produced 118 million cubic feet of gas, while two others there yielded less than 100 million cubic feet of gas for the 90-day period.

The Poland wells did not produce any oil, according to the report.

Other horizontal wells drilled in Mahoning County produced much weaker results. Halcon Resources Corp. reported just 16 million cubic feet of gas production at its Davidson well, and 35. 8 million cubic feet of gas was produced at the Grenamyer well, both of which lie in Jackson Township.

CNX Gas, a subsidiary of Consol Energy Corp., reported that two wells in Mahoning County produced just 65.8 million cubic feet combined. The company’s Cadle well pumped 4,526 barrels of oil over the period.

Wells in Trumbull County didn’t fare much better. Halcon’s Kibler 2-3H well in Lordstown produced the most natural gas in the county with 59.4 million cubic feet and 1,328 barrels of oil. A second well at the site produced 45.7 million cubic feet of gas and 1,174 barrels of oil.

However, wells drilled in Columbiana County continue to produce much stronger results that outpace the Utica average, according to ODNR records.

The most productive well in Columbiana County is Chesapeake Energy Corp.’s Pitts 10H well in Franklin Township, which yielded 473.2 million cubic feet of gas during the quarter. Other strong Chesapeake wells include the Briceland Trust 8H and 5H wells, which produced 463 million cubic feet and 423.8 million cubic feet respectively.

Chesapeake’s Huffman Trust 1H well produced the most oil in the county with 18,069 barrels.

However, the best production results were reserved for the southern tier of the Utica shale, according to ODNR.

Antero Resources Corp.’s Frakes well in Noble County, for example, produced the most oil in the state with 50,464 barrels. The well’s natural gas production was also high with more than 1 billion cubic feet of gas produced over the 90-day period.

Three wells owned by Rice Drilling LLC produced the most natural gas of any well in the state, according to ODNR. The Blue Thunder 10H well yielded 1.412 billion cubic feet of natural gas, while a sister well at the site, the Blue Thunder 12H, produced 1.411 billion cubic feet. Another well nearby – the Bigfoot 9H well – produced 1.409 billion cubic feet of gas.

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