Grove City Prof’s Book Examines Science and Religion

GROVE CITY, Pa. — A new book written by Kevin S. Seybold, a professor of psychology at Grove City College wrote “Questions in the Psychology of Religion,” which examines how contemporary psychological science interacts with religion.

The book, Questions in the Psychology of Religion, helps readers develop “the ability to see ways that science and religion, both very important in our culture, can work together instead of seeing them as fundamentally incompatible or in conflict, a view, unfortunately, that many people hold,” Seybold said in a news release.

The book takes on such questions as: What does it mean to be human? Why are we moral creatures? Are religious experiences different from everyday ones? Is the brain involved in experiencing God? What is a soul and do we have one? Is religion the result of evolutionary processes? How might psychology and religion relate?

Seybold says his book was written for students, pastors and “people in the pews.” It addresses common issues in the field and others unique to his research and scholarship, such as the cognitive science of religion – which is becoming a dominant perspective in the field – and the soul and morality.

Seybold also covers new ground in the area of cultural cognition, examining why those on opposite sides of the political spectrum differ so widely in how they think and process information.

“Questions in the Psychology of Religion” is available online at

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