Queen of Hearts Still Hiding at Barry Dyngles

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The 5,000 or so ticket holders who tonight crowded inside and outside Barry Dingles Pub, 1601 S. Raccoon Road — slowing traffic in both directions — will have to take their chance again on picking what now is one of 10 numbers hiding the queen of hearts.

At 8 p.m. the crowd quieted as one ticket among more than 114,911 was drawn from a 40-gallon garbage bin.

“Number 28,” announced Doug Duganne, general manager of the restaurant.

Duganne took out an exacto knife and cut the laminate covering the card behind No. 28.

Instead of the queen of hearts, it was the ace of spades, and the crowd groaned.

The ticket belonged to Jennifer Melago, a server at Salvatore’s restaurant.

The jackpot had grown to more than $329,000 and all week people streamed to Barry Dyngles to buy tickets (READ STORY). The restaurant has added 10 employees to keep up with the crowds who not bought tickets but also bought beer, lunches and dinners

With the queen not behind number 28, tickets will begin to be sold for next Wednesday’s drawing.

The contest began in October, 44 weeks ago. Players buy tickets, as many as they want, for $1 each and fill in their names, phone numbers and the number, 1 to 54, of the card (or joker) they want flipped. Every week, one and only one ticket is drawn and the card – one of 54 – is taped to a board with the corresponding number flipped over.

If it’s the queen of hearts, the owner of the ticket wins the pot. If not, the money stays in and the process starts all over again the next week.

Reporter Josh Medore and Daily BUZZ anchor Michael Moliterno are at Barry Dyngles and will have complete reports tomorrow morning at BusinessJournalDaily.com and at lunchtime on our DailyBUZZ webcast.  

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