Recipes of Youngstown Donates $15K to YSU Veterans Scholarship

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Recipes of Youngstown has donated $15,000 to the Youngstown State University Foundation to support its scholarship for veterans.

The scholarship, created in 2017 by members of Recipes of Youngstown and the Youngstown Historical Society, provides scholarships to those in YSU’s Armed Forces Student Association. Recipients must be a sophomore or higher, from any branch of the United States Armed Forces and those were either honorably discharged or received a general discharge due to injury or illness.

“None of us would have what we do today without the sacrifice, dedication, and courage of our veterans. We wanted to honor and thank them in a tangible way while continuing our commitment to Youngstown,” said Jeanne Hamey Morris, administrator of Recipes of Youngstown, in a statement.

Recipes of Youngstown started as a Facebook group created by Bobbi Ennett Allen in 2013. A Youngstown native living in California, she wanted to make dishes that reminded her of home. A year later, hundreds of recipes had been shared on the page. 

Today, there are three Recipes of Youngstown cookbooks, available at the group’s website or Youngstown Clothing Co. in the Southern Park Mall.

“We have seen how these books connect with people,” Hamey Morris said. “Many people had parents and grandparents who didn’t write down their recipes, and they have found many of their childhood favorites in our books. We keep going because of the great character of the people of Youngstown and the strong connection we have with our hometown.”

Want to try some of the Recipes of Youngstown for yourself? Click HERE to watch our Recipes of Youngstown video series.

Pictured: Recipes of Youngstown recently presented a $15,000 check to the YSU Foundation for a YSU veterans scholarship. Those attending were (from left) Tiffanie Thomas, YSU Foundation endowment stewardship coordinator; Jeanne Hamey Morris, Recipes of Youngstown head administrator; Keith Evans, Recipes of Youngstown YSU liaison; and Rick Williams, Associate Director of Veterans Affairs.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.