Red Wanting Blue Readies Next Album

Red Wanting Blue fans on Thursday got some news they had been hoping to hear.

This summer, the band will release its first album of new material in six years. The exact date has not yet been set, according to the band’s publicist.

The album, to be titled “Light It Up,” represents a new phase for the long-lived and hard-touring indie rock act that was formed almost three decades ago in Athens, Ohio.

The first single from the album, “Goliath,” reflects the band’s belief in itself, despite its underdog status.

“It came out of watching all these David and Goliath stories play out in the news around us, both at home and abroad,” Scott Terry, singer and frontman, said in a press release. “But it also felt really personal for us, too. We’re a rock ’n’ roll band. We knew the odds when we started, but here we are almost 30 years later, still at it.”

Such self-reflective lyrics are weaved throughout the album, adding depth to the band’s storyteller style.

Terry said the album feels like a fresh start.

“We broke the mold with this record,” he said. “Sonically, structurally, professionally – we threw out all the old rules and decided just to trust in each other, and the result is an album that feels like it’s been 27 years in the making.”

The new album marks the band’s liberation from its old recording process. The first album the band has self-produced, it demonstrates Red Wanting Blue’s confidence and maturity.

“When it came to making records, we always felt we had to have a producer in the room who could help show us who we were,” Terry said. “With this album, though, we realized that we know who we are and what we want better than anyone. We were finally ready to catch the butterfly and pin it in the book ourselves.”

In addition to Terry, the band includes drummer Dean Anshutz of Youngstown; Mark McCullough, bass; Greg Rahm, guitar and keyboards; and Eric Hall, lap steel, guitar.

The new album will be the band’s 13th studio effort and follows 2018’s “The Wanting.”

Red Wanting Blue has two short tours on its schedule before the album release. It will hit six cities in the South next week, and then board The Rock Boat cruise from Jan. 30-Feb. 4.

In March, the band will accompany The Trews on a seven-city tour that will include New York, Boston, Buffalo, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Pictured at top: Red Wanting Blue is Greg Rahm, Mark McCullough, Scott Terry, Eric Hall and Dean Anshutz. (Photo by Stephen Albanese)

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