Red Wanting Blue Returns as New Album Nears Completion

YOUNGSTOWN – Red Wanting Blue visits Youngstown maybe once a year, and it’s always kind of an event when they do.

The band with deep Ohio roots – and an even deeper discography – will reunite with its legion of Youngstown fans again this Saturday when it returns to Westside Bowl. The Labra Brothers will open the show. For tickets, click HERE.

Known for its Midwestern warmth, lyrical depth and Scott Terry’s unmistakable vocals, RWB has become a reliable friend that has outlasted pop music trends. Formed in Athens, Ohio, in 1996, the band has 11 albums under its belt with No. 12 due later this year.

A couple of songs from the upcoming release – “Hey ’84” and “Goliath” – have already become part of the set list.

Recording has wrapped on the new album, which does not yet have a due date. It all depends on when the vinyl can be pressed and packaged.

“We’re doing overdubs this week and then mixing,” said Dean Anshutz, the band’s drummer and only member from Youngstown.

Anshutz, who operates the Cycle Breakers record shop located inside Westside Bowl, has lately become known for mining the archival audio masters stored at Youngstown’s Peppermint Records studio.

Peppermint was ground zero for Youngstown’s vibrant rock scene in the 1960s and ’70s and a lot of that music has been languishing in storage there for decades.

Anshutz and fellow rocker (and Youngstown native) Anthony LaMarca of The War on Drugs have been finding, restoring and releasing the city’s musical history on vinyl, with the help of Peppermint owner Gary Rhamy.

Late last year, they released the earliest recording sessions of legendary Youngstown band Glass Harp, which were laid down more than 50 years ago.

Anshutz has another side project that is perhaps even more noteworthy: He’s touring with Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame band The Zombies.

Dean Anshutz, center, poses with The Zombies. He will again play percussion with the landmark British Invasion band on its upcoming tour. From left are Rod Argent, Colin Blunstone, Anshutz, Steve Rodford and Tom Toomey.

As percussionist, he plays alongside the band’s drummer, Steve Rodford.

Anshutz will head out with the iconic British Invasion band, led by Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone, on a two-month tour that starts March 18 in San Antonio, Texas, and then heads to the United Kingdom.

The Zombies (“It’s the Time of the Season,” “Tell Her No”) will release a new album, “Different Game,” later this month as well as a new documentary film. Anshutz did not take part in recording the new album.

He actually met Argent in 2017 and started playing shows with The Zombies that year. He stayed in touch with them over the years, and rejoined The Zombies last year for a tour that included a date at Kent Stage.

Pictured at top: Red Wanting Blue is Mark McCullough, Dean Anshutz, Scott Terry, Greg Rahm and Eric Hall. (photo by Stephen Albanese)

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