Redesigned myGMC App Further Eliminates Challenges

DETROIT – The myGMC app has been redesigned for simpler use. The app includes many remote commands and vehicle status features.

MyGMC is compatible with many GMC vehicles, including the Hummer EV supertruck and other electric vehicles. GMC says along with the apps new simpler use, it is also now easier to set up.

The app can first be directly downloaded onto the users mobile phone. Previous GMC, GM or OnStar accounts can be signed into from there, or a new account can be created with the same email used to set up the OnStar services account.

GMC says the app will automatically match the account to the vehicle. After accepting the privacy policy and terms and conditions, log in is available.

Guided experiences are available to new vehicle owners from within the past 30 days, says GMC. This covers finishing set up and vehicle personalization.

After signing in is complete, remote commands for the vehicle can be made from the users phone. This includes features such as unlocking the vehicle, accessing vehicle health status and accessing EV charge status at a glance.

The nearest dealerships and finding current vehicle is parking location can also be located through the myGMC mobile app. The same features can be accessed on the vehicles infotainment system.

After signing in and accepting the terms on the infotainment system, some additional options include scheduling service appointments, request roadside assistance and browse the owner manual.

“You’re always connected, wherever the journey takes you,” says GMC.

Source: GMC

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.