Redex Industries Honored for Charitable Contributions

SALEM, Ohio – The Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors Association has recognized Redex Industries Inc., maker of Udderly Smooth moisturizing creams, as the winner of its charitable company of the year award.

The award was presented at the trade group’s Cosmoprof North America show July 10 in Las Vegas.

Margaret Kennedy, co-founder of the company, accepted the award on behalf of the company and its employees. “It has always been our motto that it’s not what you accumulate in life, it’s what you give away,” she said.

The Kennedys embody a culture of charitable giving by their family and their company, the trade group noted. Where there is a big need or a disaster, Redex Industries provides relief with shipments of Udderly Smooth. Examples include Hurricane Sandy, 9-11 rescue and cleanup operations, overseas troops in the Middle East, the Red Cross, NBC Holiday Gift Drive, City of Hope, Cancer Centers and clinics across America and Operation Gratitude.

Redex was founded 40 years ago by Bill Kennedy Sr. and his wife. Bill formulated Udderly Smooth Udder Cream at the request of farmers to aid dairy cows milking and calving. The product worked so well, it leaped from the “barnyard to the beauty counter,” as the company’s says in its marketing. It is used to treat dry skin and feet, and as a facial moisturizer or part of diabetes or oncology skin care.

Redex, a family operated business now into its third generation, started production of Udder Cream in Alliance, and in 1989 constructed a plant at the Salem Industrial Park.

Today the Udderly Smooth product line consistently ranks in the top 10% of skin creams among retailers, according to the company. Jars and tubes of Udderly Smooth are sold by most of the major retailers across the country, including Walmart. And Redex ships its products to Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, mainland China, South Korea, Singapore, Canada and Brazil.

Redex employs about 20.

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