Rosie’s Liquidation Offers ‘Something Different’ in Niles

NILES, Ohio – Toys, household and gardening items, appliances, decor, electronics and several other everyday retail items filled the tables at Rosie’s Liquidation’s grand opening Friday.

Amber Bays, owner of the new store at 327 Vienna Ave., said she has been seeing more small liquidation businesses in the area and decided to try her hand at opening one herself.

The store has been in the works since the end of last November, Bays said. She acquired the building suite, which she is now leasing, around October.

“I opened a small liquidation business where I buy and sell overstock of big box retailers from 40 to 70% retail,” she said. 

Bays, who said she has been into discount buying and reselling for several years herself, wanted to expand those offerings to other people in the area.

“I resold for around 20 years, and I saw things popping up like this and I decided to try it because there wasn’t one in Niles,” she said.

Rosie’s Liquidation offers a variety of products, including toys.

Bays said products vary depending on who has something to offer. She said she often has to travel for items and sources from a variety of wholesalers, and the variety is large.

“[People can find] toys, games, housewares, towels [and] dishes,” she said. “I have a lot of summer things right now and a lot of seasonal things like Halloween, Christmas and things like that.”

Bays said the inventory changes frequently, and she will continue to offer a wide variety to choose from.

“I hope to stay here for a while and maybe move to a bigger location,” she said.

Mayor Steve Mientkiewcz said this type of liquidation store seems to be trending. 

“It’s something different, something niche type, and I think it is a good addition to the city of Niles,” he said. “We see these types of establishments popping up all over. We have one on 422, this current location and one on Robbins Avenue that are all similar. They seem to be a pretty big hit.”

Mientkiewcz said they are still looking to bring in smaller niche and brick-and-mortar businesses, especially near the downtown area.

“It’s a few blocks away from downtown,” he said. “It’s a nice addition to everything we are trying to do to revitalize the downtown area.”

The store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Pictured at top: Amber Bays, owner of Rosie’s Liquidation, stands outside her newly opened store.

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