Ryan Sharply Criticizes GOP During House Sit-in

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-13 Ohio, called Republicans “weak on terrorism and weak on protecting the American people” as he joined House Democrats Wednesday in a sit-in to protest the Republican Party’s inaction on gun reform.

The sit-in began around noon in the House chambers and continued until 3 a.m. today when Speaker Paul Ryan forced a vote on an appropriations bill and adjourned the proceedings until after the Fourth of July. Democrats attempted to shout down the speaker as they chanted “No Bill! No Break!” then vowed to continue the protest over inaction on gun-control legislation.

Tim Ryan’s office sent local news organizations a link to Periscope video of his remarks. Since the protest was not an actual House proceeding, Republicans cut off C-Span coverage but Democrats responded by posting cell-phone video of the sit-in, which violates House rules on the use of unsanctioned video cameras. C-Span also carried the unsanctioned feed.

“The Republicans are weak on terrorism … That’s our message,” Tim Ryan said.

Ryan’s GOP counterpart in the Mahoning Valley, U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-6 Ohio, issued a statement late Wednesday that called Democrats participating in the sit-in “petulant children.”

Said Johnson, “A handful of liberal members of Congress today violated the rules of the House of Representatives by sitting down on the House floor like petulant children. And, they’re also trying to violate the Second Amendment by taking guns away from law-abiding Americans. Luckily, common sense citizens in my district and across the county won’t stand for this sit-in.”

Ryan linked the GOP’s refusal to vote on gun control legislation to the party also blocking votes on a jobs bill and reducing the cost of college loans. He said the American people look no further than to the Republicans, and those “endorsing the biggest goofball to run for president,” to see why Washington is gridlocked.

“After all the tragedies and after all the bloodshed, it is far past time for Congress to act. The Republicans can turn off the cameras and microphones, but we will make sure that those men and women who have lost loved ones from gun violence have their voices heard. The Republican’s refusal to bring forward gun reform legislation makes them weak on terrorism and weak on protecting the American people. We cannot allow them to continue to put any more American lives at risk. We need action now,” he said.

CLICK HERE to watch video provided by Tim Ryan’s office.

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Republicans adjourn House as Democrats pledge not to give up gun control fight

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