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Ryan Visits Center Holding Unaccompanied Children

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan called the treatment of immigrant children who are being detained while attempting to enter the United States “state-sponsored abuse” following a visit today to a center holding the children.

Ryan, D-13 Ohio, met with representatives of Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to discuss care for unaccompanied and separated children and learn more about the organization’s plan to reunify children with their families. Joining him on a tour of the center were Reps. Debbie Dingell, D-12 Mich.; Bill Huizenga, R-2 Mich.; and Dan Kildee, D-5 Mich.

“What I saw today brought home all the conversations that have been had about this issue so far. I wish every American could see these kids and hear their stories. It’s gut-wrenching,” Ryan said in a news release.

“Children are traveling by themselves or with their loved ones to avoid violence and danger in their country, and they fled to the United States to find safety and security,” he continued. “They are doing what any responsible parent would do. But when they arrive at our border, the Trump administration turns its back on our values and rips children away from their parents – with zero plan to bring them back together. This is state-sponsored abuse.”

The congressman also said that, since its founding, America has always been a nation of immigrants, drawing men, women and children to its shores to escape war, famine, economic scarcity and religious persecution, with each group bringing different backgrounds, skills and challenges.

“Woven together, these differences helped strengthen our nation and make it what it is today. We should not turn our backs on the history and values that made us who we are,” he said.

SOURCE: Office of U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan

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