Send it Packin’ Credits Success to Community

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Tracy Schott, owner of Send It Packin’, says her business has morphed into a business center since she took over 12 years ago.

The business initially caught Schott’s attention years ago when she was working for another shipping company. She said Send It Packin’ was not only close to home, but it was something she could use to benefit the community.

The local business sees roughly 1,000 customers monthly and specializes in a variety of services, including shipping untraditional items, printing, photo duplication, faxing and bill payment. Small businesses also use their services for posters, printing, copies and banners.

“Scanning, faxing and shipping isn’t a unique service, but the way we do it I feel is unique because we do go the extra mile,” Schott says. “We do go to school and we do consistently attend classes online.”

Schott says she has recently returned from Dallas for certification training on international packing. She says she doesn’t know any other business that puts as much time and dedication into their training programs.

Aside from their training and expertise, Schott says what really sets them apart from other businesses is their customer service.

“It’s so much easier and better for the community if you take care of the people who come into your store,” she says. “We have a big focus on customer service. I don’t want to just be average – I want to be exceptional.”

Schott says it is really about establishing connections with customers. “It’s all about relationships,” she says.

“We have got a lot of clients that we do know their birthdays,” she says. “We do know they’re new grandparents [and] we know if their daughters and sons are getting married because chances are we are shipping cookies to the wedding or shipping supplies to the wedding if they are out of town. A lot of our clients are repetitive.”

COVID really showed the support they had from the community, Schott says. She says they were fortunate enough to thrive in a time where many other businesses struggled and she was honored by the trust the community put in her to handle valued items.

“If it weren’t for the support that we get from the surrounding communities, we wouldn’t be in business either,” says Schott. “Everything is critical to our clients. We owe everything to them.”

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Pictured at top: Tracey Schott.

Editor’s Note: This company story was produced in conjunction with the Western Reserve Transit Authority’s “Give Small Business a Lift Campaign.”

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