Shaffer Branding Works to Help Clients Build ‘New Normal’

Submitted by Rick Shaffer, principal and creative director, Shaffer Branding Co.

Is your business back to normal?

With the current pandemic, many businesses have faced uncertainty while riding out the storm. Shaffer Branding Co., like most small businesses, has also faced challenges, obstacles and confusion. While the environment has clearly changed, we have found that by utilizing less common approaches, business can return to normal and see success even in stormy weather. When COVID first hit Ohio, the team at Shaffer Branding Co. felt the immediate need to reach out to our clients. Traditionally these calls are about upcoming projects, but this call was just to see how everyone was preparing for the future of their business. What we found was that most companies were not even preparing for the new post-pandemic world that would soon become reality.

What is your “new normal?”

In challenging and difficult times it is always important to keep forging ahead while staying positive. Take each day as it comes while doing your best to make the most impact with your businesses or companies offerings. Everyday is a new opportunity and small businesses as well as entrepreneurs should always try and take it to the next level regardless of circumstances. This is a mantra that Shaffer Branding Co. has always embraced and continues to do so. This philosophy is often infused into the work we produce for our customers as well.

How do you Rally Around Small Business?

Noticing that most businesses were on hold, we felt that this was a perfect opportunity to build up small companies in the Youngstown area and all of northeastern Ohio. While most businesses were pausing their marketing efforts, we realized this was and still is a great time for small organizations to get their name out there and gain an advantage over their competitive landscape. If no one knows about your business, how can you expect to gain market share? Most branding efforts are very affordable and can be initiated in a brief timeframe. By preparing our clients for the future, we provide a free marketing analysis. Shaffer Branding Co. will assess business industries current trends and where their marketing efforts will be most impactful.

Shaffer Branding Co. knows that in order for businesses to be successful, there has to be a holistic approach in play when it comes to marketing and branding efforts. What works for one company may not work for another. We welcome any company in the greater Youngstown area to reach out to us and take advantage of our free brand assessment; it is our way of rallying around local businesses and helping out our neighbors during this challenging time.

Pictured: Shaffer Branding Co. creative director Rick Shaffer and SEO consultant Stacey Shaffer

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