Sharon’s “Rockin’” Event Welcomes Chris Higbee

SHARON, Pennsylvania — Warehouse Sales celebrates its 10th annual “Rockin’ on the River” concert at Sharon’s new downtown green space, located at 1 E. State St., hinting at more downtown events in the future. The festivities begin 4 p.m. Saturday, featuring musician Garrett Owens at 4:30 p.m., Juvenile Characteristics band at 5 p.m. and headliner Chris Higbee at 7 p.m.

Mike Lisac, Warehouse Sales owner, organized the concert with his wife, Sonja, and their team. The city-approved event includes a temporary open container zone surrounding the area, sponsored by Westside Beverage for attendees 21 and older. Shenango Avenue, between State and Pitt streets, will close temporarily.

City Manager Bob Fiscus said the event could be the beginning of temporary entertainment spots in downtown, comparing it to locations in Columbiana and downtown Youngstown.

“The concert could be the first of a few well-organized events in that area that allow for a temporary social entertainment space in the heart of our downtown business district,” he said.

“I think if it’s done well and is well maintained, then it can be a good thing. Plus, it helps us partner better with our wineries and breweries that are already in town,” Lisac said, noting Croakers Brewing Company and The Block by Nova Destinations. Sharon Hotdog Shop and Haitian Sensation will also offer food and beverages.

Despite initial reservations about creating the green space by demolishing the former Huntington Bank building, Lisac appreciates its potential for connecting PSU Shenango and State Street and hosting public events.

“I like to fix up buildings, not tear them down,” said Lisac, who is also a downtown landlord and storeowner. “But now I see that we have a park that we can actually use for entertainment and events; a nice entrance to PSU and the first step of doing something around the riverfront. It opens the door for all kinds of things to happen downtown.”

The event’s location also holds sentimental value for Lisac, as he owns the former Army Navy store located there.

Upon the venue’s 4 p.m. opening, Lisac’s staff will check IDs, providing wristbands for those 21 and up. Attendees should bring chairs and weather-suitable attire. A large tent covers the majority of the space, ensuring shelter for attendees and performers. While admission is free, food and beverages are available for purchase.

More information is available at the event Facebook page.

Pictured at top: Chris Higbee and Mike Lisac stand in front of the large painted American flag on the former Army Navy building owned by Lisac. In the picture is also the former Huntington bank building which was demolished last spring to make way for the downtown gathering space where the concert will be held.

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