Shmueli Joins Jewish Federation as Community Shaliach

YOUNGSTOWN — The Youngstown Area Jewish Foundation announced today that Marom Shmueli has joined the organization as community shaliach, a term that means he’s an Israeli emissary. 

Through the Jewish Agency for Israel, an international agency that matches young Israelis with Jewish communities throughout the U.S. and beyond, the shlichut program serves to build connections to Israel and to increase awareness, knowledge, pride and understanding of Israel and its ideals.

Shmueli will work primarily with the Jewish Community Center of Youngstown’s youth, adult, and senior programming, as well as with the Jewish Community Relation Council’s community outreach and Israel advocacy initiatives.

Shmueli is originally from Moshav Orot and currently lives in Moshav Tzofar, cooperative agricultural communities in southern Israel. As an educator, Shmueli has worked with the community and youth at summer camps and as a private teacher. He was part of a large youth movement in Israel, Bnei Hamoshavim, for 10 years. He also served in the Air Force Israeli Air Defense Command as a staff sergeant and as an iron dome commander.

Shmueli’s family moved to Israel from England and South Africa, and he is thrilled that he will have the opportunity to share his unique view of Jewish communities around the world. 

Anyone interested in hosting Shmueli as a speaker should contact Nic Bush at or call 330 746 3250, ext. 114.

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