Show Your Strength and Market Power With Print

Show Your Strength and Market Power with Print

Why Print? Advertising in a print publication has many benefits.
Even in our high-tech digital world in 2019, print advertising provides an immersive experience for readers.

Here is a list of benefits to advertising in The Business Journal’s print edition:

  • Credibility: Print is a signal of your market-power. It leaves a lasting legacy of your impact.
  • Immersive Experience: It delivers a specific and targeted audience with limited distractions.
  • Control: Advertisers can have control over placement and adjacencies.
  • Tangible and non-perishable: It exists in the physical world. It can be passed around, cut out and kept.
  • Compelling: Ads are a function of the image, clear messaging of information and a call-to-action. A good advertisement can direct viewers to a digital landing page.
  • Engagement: Audiences who read in print are more engaged than when they are scrolling through an email because they made a conscious decision to subscribe to and read that publication in their hands. They are loyal readers.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Create an advertisement that is not only effective to a specific audience but efficient for your budget. Instead of trying to reach a large number of people just through digital, try reaching a niche in print.
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