Skilled Trades Program Gives Students More Options

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio – The skilled trades class at Austintown Fitch High School gives students the resources and skills to do many things, including projects at their own homes such as building a deck, as side jobs or even main sources of income as a career.

Michael Palm, a career counselor with the Educational Service Center of Eastern Ohio, says he knows of at least 15 students in the Austintown skilled trades program who now are interested in entering the trades after they graduate.

“I have students that want to be lawyers, realtors, doctors, but then you also have those students that might not want to go to that path of college, that do want to work with their hands,” Palm says. “That’s where the importance of this program really highlights is because it’s giving that opportunity to another set of students that do want to get out there and just get a job right out of high school and start making money.”

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